Thursday, May 20, 2010

I know what you did last summer...(1)

No...not really. But I do know what I did! :o)
I have been meaning to start posting about this subject for such a long time...It has almost been a year now since I came home from my French Holiday and I have been keeping everything to myself, including pictures, which was really not nice of me...Was it?
Anyway, there is so much to say and so many images to share, so I thought I'd divide it into chapters. And tonight's title is: Windows and Gates. (I start to sound awfully academic with this chapter-title thing, I am aware of it, but my studies really start getting into my nervous system!:)) Can't wait for the semester to be over, wonder if you could tell! :))

Windows and Gates. Why? I have a slight obsession about them. My Parisian friend whom I stayed with, was really curious about the reason for this obsession. And since then other people were also asking me why? Why is it that I like windows so much...
First off, I think they are fascinating, there is just something magical and mysterious about them; The way people need shelter (it is after all one of our basic needs) and they lock themselves into a "box" in order to feel safe, but they still need the sunlight shining in through the window to be happy, is such a simple fact but so very interesting to me...

And yes, I think this passion of mine comes also partly of my other passion, that of observing people. But even though many people try to look for metaphorical explanations to my semi-hobby, I still think that a great deal of it is just aesthetics. Beauty and perfection within the imperfection...

One more thing...Is anyone out there crazy about the sound of raising abat-vents or that of opening shutters? On my way to french class one Saturday morning I've heard it again (last time before this was in Paris). I had goose bumps all over! For a second there it takes me back to some other era all the time...

All the above were taken in Paris, now I'd just like to show you some cottage ones as well, from the center of France...

You can click on the photos to see them bigger and better and stay tuned for the following chapters...:o)


  1. I've never thought of windows or doors, but I loved your thoughts about them. You are so right about that. Lovely photos and I'm looking forward to more.

  2. I love those of the cottages! They really are something else...I'm looking forward to reading the next posts!!

  3. Wow-Wow!I love all your posts ,especially because "j'adore France"&I my dream is a cottage in Provence!...and I live in Cluj too:)...and I really love your creations,they are soooo "french-friendly"...
    Waiting further stories and lil' things!Bisous!Louise


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