Friday, May 28, 2010

JASMIN BLANC --- Shop Update

Just a quick one because I am in the middle of studying for an exam- shipping the last orders-staying awake. So those of you who are from Romania you can find everything that I do and sell in my Breslo shop or blog shop. I mean everyone can find my things in these two shops but it is a little difficult for me at the moment to go international. And that is because the Romanian shipping services are dreadful! And they have such huge taxes that they scare all my international customers away. booo! But hopefully things shall change sometime next year (for me, of course... there is not much hope for Romania to change) :o)
Ok, so here are two new vintage-like necklaces, and more on the way. But you know my crazy schedule of the next four weeks (8 exams--2 done, 6 more to go), so be patient :o)


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