Monday, May 24, 2010

My wishlist

I could never have any pets as a child because we live in an apartment plat (you know the typical East-European Communist Flats :o),on the 4th floor and my parents were always against keeping a little lovely in such a closed environment. They said no pet would ever be happy, it would be torture for them, to be kept inside all the time, only being able to run and have fun when we take them outside to do their thing :o) I used to disagree with them as a child, but now of course we are definitely on the same page...But I still long for having two lovelies, a Lili puppy and a black kitty... And soon I shall have them ♥ Shhhhht!

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  1. Hello, nice dreams you have, and finally if you will have them, were would you keep them? I live too in a flat at the 4th floor, and now the feeling when a neighbors dog barks. :D Anyway, good luck with your wishlist.


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