Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend madness

Why is it that before every grand event we have to switch to survival mode in every single aspect of our lives? I can't help but wonder, is it anyone out there who has a smoother "fight" for the nice thing? But then again, I suppose it would not be as nice as it is when you had to fight before it (not necessarily for it), because the switch from one style to the other would be almost unnoticeable...

But you probably have no clue of what I am talking about so I will just make the long story short by saying that I had a rough weekend. It was not horrible...But it was tiring!

Luckily there were some sweet highlights which made life easier to bare, hah!

I received this lovely little "Singer" broach from Daria. Isn't that insanely cute? Oh I love, love, love it!

But after we had exchanged the "merchandise" (like it is something illegal hahahaha), I ran away like a mad-woman, because I still had a million things to deal with. And I am so sorry I could not stay a while and chat...I would have loved to hear Daria's story..
But here's a huge thank you again! And don't hesitate to hop over to Kittenhood, Daria's Breslo shop!



  1. Oh, that broach! Ho2w incredibly beautiful. Love it.

  2. oh thank you thank you! :) i was busy too that day but we'll meet again :)

  3. :) Te intereseaza? :p

  4. Aici mai multe detalii:


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