Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So long, farewell...until we meet again

Hello dearies!

This is my last post for the summer, because as I said I'm leaving this place for the stunning France, for three months....But I just wanted to wish you all a beautiful summer, inspiration for your projects, strength for your plans but most of all faith in succeeding to do good through all your work!

Don't forget me, ok? :o) I'll be back in October, and I hope to come back with many stories and photos to tell and show you all. But we can never know until we get there, so I'll just let myself be swept away by the charms of the present moment...

Gros bisous,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pink Saturday -12-

So boys and girls, this is going to be my last pink post for a while...And listening to Miles Davis inspired me to share with you on this occasion this little "music box" I made a couple of weeks ago.

So long pink loving friends and we will reconnect when I come home from France in October. Until then have a great summer and share many lovely pinks like you always do! ♥
Also, check back to Beverly's blog How Sweet the Sound, to see all the other pink posts.

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I know what you did last summer...(2)

If you haven't read the first chapter, now would be a good occasion to do that.
The truth is I would really like to post all I have on this topic before I leave, because then there will be the new photos with new stories, with new windows and gates and this will already be out dated by then, so...Here is my second "last summer in France" post.

...a few of the places I like to walk at in Paris...

Ok, I admit, these are mostly what people would call the cliche-ish places. But I say something else. Cliches are permitted in Paris, in fact anything that is over discussed or advertised should not be called a cliche. Not in Paris it shouldn't. It is different there. Even the air has something else. (and no, it is not smog). I am afraid that I lack the proper words to express how I feel about that city...If it were a person, it would probably be the love of my life. It offers me everything: I feel safe and in love, the rest is in between the lines...

Naturally these are not the only places I like to walk at. My favorite thing to do is, just walk around without a map. Embrace beauty, passion and the sweet scent of the air...


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And me?

All these weeks have been really great but also very consuming...They ate up ALL my time, and soon I can complete that with "energy" as well...This exam session is a never ending deal, I still have one more on Saturday, plus I am working on the wedding order and trying to put all the new things in my shop...ugh...why couldn't it only be about creating???
But you know what, I personally love every second of this...HOWEVER, my body doesn't! Anyway, I think it would not be such a big deal if I'd knew ok, after Saturday I am free to create whenever I want to without constraints and the whole summer fun is standing at my feet and on top of everything I have all the time in the world to do whatever...But I cannot say that. Well, not entirely anyway.

Ok, so this is exiting and you'll say "hey, what is your problem", and I will tell you that you are right, but please try to understand what I am whining about! And the reason why I do it :o)
I am leaving to France for the summer. YES. Yes I am. And that is great, no, it is more that great! I am super exited and I can't wait. And indeed, the whole summer fun is standing at my feet...But I am leaving in one week.
ONE week, girls, and I have so many things to do before I go. And I don't just mean deciding upon which jacket to take, but bureaucracy-wise. It is worth the hassle, I know. It is just that I am a little exhausted at this point after lets say sleeping 5-6 hours per night at best, for months now...

So here is what I thought. I have decided to keep two things (that I have been working on for my shop) for MYSELF. I feel like I deserve that! Great thoughts I have, you have got to be with me on that. (Please allow yourself to fell the irony among these lines)!

Well, anyway, I didn't want to just spring that information on to you like that, the whole France-deal, but it just happened, so now you know. And you can prepare yourselves for the end of the summer when I will tell you all about it! :D

So here are my two little handmade thingies I "made" for myself, a lace necklace and a ceramic broach! Just for me!

Bisous mes cheries,

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For the bride

I received a very interesting and exciting offer last week from Bucharest. I am to make a bride's necklace FOR the wedding and a bag into which people would put the envelopes with money (the present for the bride and groom). This last information might be new for many of you out there. But in Romania presents are usually money and not something tangible, like it usually is in English speaking countries (as far as I know). In the Romanian tradition there is a kind of house sample which has a whole in the roof where the guests put the envelopes, but this particular bride wanted to free herself from the ties of society and change this, by asking me to make her one of my lavender sacs, only bigger. I already have the ceramic plate for it, it is just that it is not labeled yet, that is why it will be ready at about the end of the week. But I already have most of the materials I'll use for the necklace...How cool is that? Someone wanting to wear handmade on their wedding... You have got to love that! I of course will want to make my dress for my wedding, but that is me...I don't think many people would be crazy enough for that. But that is another story. Haha!

Pretty present for a pretty girl

I love to make presents for fact before I started selling my creations, I simply gave them away as presents (on a smaller scale of course), which I still tend to continue. I usually get something special ready made, if I know that the person it is for really would love to have that. But I top it with something I made. It feels like I leave a little piece of my heart in it. And that makes me very happy...the thing is no one else complained for that either. haha!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Handmade Fair reflections

Saturday was a special day for me as you all know already, because I participated for the first time as a "merchant" and not as a buyer...
Well, what can I say, it was great...I received so much positive feedback and I'm so very grateful for that! Only problem was, that it only lasted a few hours and we had to be out of the place before normally people get out of their houses to shop, so that was a bit annoying, but even though there was not a huge crowd I made some profit. But those of you who know me already know that this is not about the money for is about the experience and that, my friends, was priceless!The photos above were taken by Ce facem diseara, which is a site relating about all the important events happening in my city...
And pics bellow were taken either by me or my sister.

And here are some pics about some of the other very sweet people from there...You could feel such a calming energy in there... :o) It was unbelievable....

And the girls have this special thing where at the end we put something in a box, and then take out something else (someone's creation)...such a sweet instant swap, I think...:o) This was my special present:
And to top the sweetness and delicacy of this whole day, we had some amazing sponsors, such as:
(photo via cefacemdiseara)

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So, today is...

...a day when I send out lots of love for all of you out there! There is however a particular reason for this emotion burst, haha, and that is that I turned 22 today!
So as my present to you is this tulip picture! Let's celebrate together gals! ♥


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pink Saturday and Where Bloggers Create

Hello there! First off, today I am combining my Pink Saturday post with Karen's Where Bloggers Create Party which is basically about your creative space, wherever that is... I like to call mine a workshop, but it is really my bedroom, that is all there is to say about it. And let me tell you that this is the best time ever, to immortalize the artistic mess in here, combined with intellectual mess caused by the never ending exam-session from Uni. Thus you can only imagine what is in my head after all this mess everywhere...Haha!
Anyway, it is actually very late at night over here in Romania and I am up, because I was preparing for my first handmade fair, and my exams of course, so things have been pretty hectic in my life. Which is good. Hectic is good. Not stressful. I like it! :))
So considering how late it is, and considering that I will have to stay alert tomorrow ALL DAY LONG, I will just let the pictures talk for themselves. And please, if you enjoyed this, you are welcome to check back for the after-fair pictures...Which I will probably post around Monday. See you then!

Here is the stand my dad made me the other day, but this time the board is covered up with brown paper (always a classic), and filled with my petite creations.

And here is my dad's wooden army case, which I use for storage.

And then of course comes the state when I cannot find anything anymore.

I really wish that one day SOON I will have my own little workshop where I can do whatever I want not thinking of what will I accidentally cover with paint or stepping into needles or finding a little space on my lovely princess bed covered with fabric definitely other than the pillowcases, sheets, and blankets which are normally on beds, you know what I mean? :))

But at the and of the day I am just like most people, I lay back, take out a good book and read until I fall asleep with it in my hands...with a smile on my face...

Happy Pink Saturday lovelies, and I hope you enjoyed my little workshop "tour"! Be sure to check out Beverly's blog for more pink posts and Karen's blog to see more workspace posts. And wish me luck for the fair tomorrow. Oh and if you are from Cluj, take some time off and visit me. Look for the Jasmin Blanc sign! Details about the fair you can read in a previous post.