Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And me?

All these weeks have been really great but also very consuming...They ate up ALL my time, and soon I can complete that with "energy" as well...This exam session is a never ending deal, I still have one more on Saturday, plus I am working on the wedding order and trying to put all the new things in my shop...ugh...why couldn't it only be about creating???
But you know what, I personally love every second of this...HOWEVER, my body doesn't! Anyway, I think it would not be such a big deal if I'd knew ok, after Saturday I am free to create whenever I want to without constraints and the whole summer fun is standing at my feet and on top of everything I have all the time in the world to do whatever...But I cannot say that. Well, not entirely anyway.

Ok, so this is exiting and you'll say "hey, what is your problem", and I will tell you that you are right, but please try to understand what I am whining about! And the reason why I do it :o)
I am leaving to France for the summer. YES. Yes I am. And that is great, no, it is more that great! I am super exited and I can't wait. And indeed, the whole summer fun is standing at my feet...But I am leaving in one week.
ONE week, girls, and I have so many things to do before I go. And I don't just mean deciding upon which jacket to take, but bureaucracy-wise. It is worth the hassle, I know. It is just that I am a little exhausted at this point after lets say sleeping 5-6 hours per night at best, for months now...

So here is what I thought. I have decided to keep two things (that I have been working on for my shop) for MYSELF. I feel like I deserve that! Great thoughts I have, you have got to be with me on that. (Please allow yourself to fell the irony among these lines)!

Well, anyway, I didn't want to just spring that information on to you like that, the whole France-deal, but it just happened, so now you know. And you can prepare yourselves for the end of the summer when I will tell you all about it! :D

So here are my two little handmade thingies I "made" for myself, a lace necklace and a ceramic broach! Just for me!

Bisous mes cheries,

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  1. I love them both. Excellent projects. Thank you for sharing.

  2. J'adooore! both of them! Have a nice sejour en France! et Profites-en :-)


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