Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For the bride

I received a very interesting and exciting offer last week from Bucharest. I am to make a bride's necklace FOR the wedding and a bag into which people would put the envelopes with money (the present for the bride and groom). This last information might be new for many of you out there. But in Romania presents are usually money and not something tangible, like it usually is in English speaking countries (as far as I know). In the Romanian tradition there is a kind of house sample which has a whole in the roof where the guests put the envelopes, but this particular bride wanted to free herself from the ties of society and change this, by asking me to make her one of my lavender sacs, only bigger. I already have the ceramic plate for it, it is just that it is not labeled yet, that is why it will be ready at about the end of the week. But I already have most of the materials I'll use for the necklace...How cool is that? Someone wanting to wear handmade on their wedding... You have got to love that! I of course will want to make my dress for my wedding, but that is me...I don't think many people would be crazy enough for that. But that is another story. Haha!


  1. Lovely! I'm so happy that your commissions have broadened so!
    You might find this interesting: http://myhandsmadeit.com/

  2. oh, how nice! i hope you'll post the results :)


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