Friday, June 4, 2010

More great news...

Today I woke up with such a pleasant music...Then made myself coffee and thought I'd catch up on my mails and all, so I went online and there it was...Such a pleasant surprise...Well actually that, in plural!
I was featured in a lovely-dovely blog called My Tinker Space with my "Diet cupcakes"...I posted that tutorial such a long time ago, and it was nice that someone had dug it out for me :o)
And what's more when I opened my mail I saw that Envy, the Romanian Fashion Guide featured 3 of my bling-blings in their bijoux and fantasy-bijoux list...So that means I am in the same list with Mango's and Pull and Bear's things...That is really exciting!

Great morning folks, great morning!
See these are the kinds of things that give me the proper strength to go face my day full of "political theory-MUSTS" for my exams...Hence it is only fair to ask, my dear Erika, what do you really want to do with your life? Do you want to keep surviving the times when you are obliged to stuff your head with information you do not what to stuff it with, or do you want to pursue the road where you actually like (, LOVE) what are doing?

So on that joyful note, here are the three Jasmin Blanc bijoux featured in Envy:

Elegance Paris earrings

Bisous mes cheries!


  1. Congrats for the new articles, on other shops.
    It's nice to have little "presents" from the live, that encourage you to continue in your daily things. Success with your further exams. ;)


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