Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pretty present for a pretty girl

I love to make presents for people...in fact before I started selling my creations, I simply gave them away as presents (on a smaller scale of course), which I still tend to continue. I usually get something special ready made, if I know that the person it is for really would love to have that. But I top it with something I made. It feels like I leave a little piece of my heart in it. And that makes me very happy...the thing is no one else complained for that either. haha!


  1. really pretty love your little button flower.
    Hugs, Cherry

  2. I'm pretty curious about what did you prepare for the Swap. You know, the other day, when I visited your blog for the first time, I really wished you had been my Swap partner, so I could have received little pieces of this wonders that come out of your hands... if your partner was a girl, she should be very happy right now, indeed! :)


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