Sunday, June 13, 2010

Revista Atelierul (Workshop Magazine)

Great news folks, great news! No, actually awesome and exciting news!

There is a Romanian online magazine called Atelierul, which was published last month in Bucharest. Here you can find the first issue in PDF format.
And the "Workshop" team decided to launch a "Workshop Caravan" so every new edition would be published in a different city in Romania. And guess where they are going to publish the second edition? In Cluj Napoca, of course. The lovely city which I call home at the moment! :D
And guess where I got invited? To participate at the handmade-fair organized for the occasion! I am really exited and I am planning on coming up with new designs until then since it will be my first fair ever, at which I participate as an artisan and not a customer, I would like to make a nice impression :o)
The fair will be on the 19th of June, which is next Saturday and it starts at 13:00 at Fabrica de Pensule. AND I am pretty sure it will be so much fun! I also cannot wait to see what is in the new isue of the magazine! So my dear Romanian readers, please if you find the interest and time, come and indulge in the lovely universe of HANDMADE! And do not forget to look for the Jasmin Blanc boutique. ♥

And last but not least let me show you a tiny sneak peek:


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  1. Well, there's a big chance will meet there, I'm not the best with free time, but everyone needs to press the pause button:D.


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