Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday inspirations

Long time since I posted anything except participating in Pink Saturdays hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. But truth be told I miss blogging... Yet I needed this break to just gather my thoughts and sort some things out.
So I thought I'd dedicate each Sunday to holy inspiration...just photos I gather over and about from the internet, with sources of course.

I had a little issue last week...Well I couldn't really call it an issue, but what happened bothered me a lot at that moment. Have you ever been copied by someone? And I am not talking about the times you inspired someones else. That happens to all of us each and every day. That is when someone takes a part of you and adds to it, making that tiny "borrowed" thing their own. This is how we all are, this is how everyone functions. If it is not each other that we are inspired from then it is nature, our environment...anything really. But I am not referring to all this, I am referring to being copied. Period. Wanting to be you. Trying to have the same dressing style, the same interests and repeating the same sayings...So lame...

Being inspired by something in order to create something new is life, but copying someone and trying to be the person one is not, well, that is disgusting!

So on that fine note :) here is a mosaic I put together for today. I never really liked red. I remember refusing to wear red as a child. My mother used to be so mad about that... When opening my closet I still couldn't find more than 3 items of that color. But I just realized that though it does not have a space in my home it sure does have a space in my heart...I really like red on other people or just simply seeing it around...

Ice hotel in Finland
Kitchen card
Earrings on Etsy
Tin of quotes
Vanilla dress on Etsy

Nature photography on Etsy
Ephemeron photograpy
Zee couch potatoe
Stil Feminin
Made by Rachel

Hope you enjoyed my red Sunday and let me know how you feel about this color!

Ps. And I'll confess to having a red bike myself :)

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