Monday, December 20, 2010

Craciun cu Stil -- Handmade Market

The Christmas Market over the weekend was great, I had a great time and felt really fresh despite the long hours put into the whole deal! There were really wonderful handmade artisans present with many magical creations delighting the visitors, who have come in a nice number, though it was soooooooooooooooo so very cold outside...but I suppose the Christmas shopping craze and the welcoming though of products having a story won people over!

And until I am impatiently waiting for a new fair to come (most likely in February) check out all the loveliness available in Jasmin Blanc Boutique!


Update!!! Dec. 23.
I received a link to many many photos about the Christmas Fair taken by Tudor Sofron that you can view here! And I took the liberty to use this picture of me taken on the second market-day giving all credit to Tudor for it. And sending out a big thanks for immortalizing that nice weekend.

Also on Facut de mana.

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