Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Red Amarillys

Interestingly enough I just wrote about not being a big fan of "red" (click here to read more) and yet here is a request I had completed for a lovely person in pure red. Her name is Adriana and she makes beautiful soaps. Should you like to know more check out her shop called Marillys and allow her creations to enchant you. Til then here is my favorite one:

Image via Breslo

So this request I was talking about consisted of ten brooches, something like this one I have in my shop entitled "Emilie" that you can view here. Except the rose image on this one is a transfer picture on glazed ceramics and the one with the Amarillys is hand painted with cold paint and varnished for protection.

But she wanted a red Amarillys so I drew her one first on paper, telling her that painting on ceramics is a lot different than a sketch on paper, but she agreed to it anyway and was thrilled at the thought of it, so now what remains is to hear her reaction to the final result.

And so it seams I do not like red when it comes to me wearing it, but sneaking it into my work starts to grow on me.


  1. that is an amazing editorial
    totally loveee it!

  2. it looks adorable!


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