Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today is a new day to share a mini-collection. Yesterday I showed you Souvenirs chaleureux de l'été passé and today you can see my lovely floral pendants as necklaces, bracelets or broaches shaped into a collection, entitled "Passé glorieux". Some of these already found their home, but some are still available if you hurry over to my shop, you will be able to become their new owner, for sure.

All of these were made with exceptional attention to all details, handled with care, recalling past memories of such a glorious time, which symbolizes femininity and delicacy. These pendants are mde of white clay (ceramics), burned 3 times (760-1500 Celsius grades), glazed, outlined with colloidal gold and decorated with vintage floral transfer-pictures. All this handmade of course. Also putting the jewelry together is the result of manual work. But if anyone is interested in more details please let me know by leaving a comment or writing to the email address from the sidebar.

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  1. Foarte reusite, culorile, modelele si ideea in sine,un alt fel de vintage, care are viata si originalitate. Dealtfel un blog foarte interesant. Spor in toate! Sabina


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