Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chocolate muffin

I have had so much fun lately with all the snow falling like crazy...
Our workshop is out in the wilderness (*read on a small hill in a village 8km far from the city I live in , but there are no houses in a 100m radius) so there is no one coming and sweeping any snow at all around there, but that is whey we have a snow shovel, so putting my really humble muscles to work was a bit of a challenge but so much fun, I didn't want to stop.


Having said that, what could give more energy than a delicious piece of dark-chocolate-muffin??? I am telling you, I have rarely tried such a taste...It is so good! And inexpensive too. Plus you are done before you knew it, because it takes about 6 minutes to mix the ingredients and about 20-24 minutes til it bakes. And DONE! Amazing, really. And it requires practicaly no other skills than reading, if you know what I mean.

What you need is:
150 g flour
2 eggs
150 g butter
150 g sugar
3 tsp peach gem
3,5 g baking powder (that is half a small package usually)
50 g dark cocoa powder
50 g minced dark chocolate (or chocolate chips)
Now all you do is mix everything together (preferably with an electronic mixer) til you get a nice and creamy texture (it should be a bit thicker) and put the mix into small muffin paper.

You can also put the papers into a proper muffin-pan, but I'm cheap, so I used a regular baking pan to bake these goodies (just as good).Leave them in the oven for about 20-14 min, then try it with a needle and you'll see whether it is ready or not. But normally it should be a little chocolaty on the inside from the melted chocolate pieces, which at cooling down will harden anyway.
The "granny-advice" is to add some pre-sugared orange skin to the mix, I'm telling you it cannot get better than that. Maybe next time, I'll show toy how to make it if you are not familiar with it. But I suppose most of you know what I am talking about :)
Let me know if you try it! ♥

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  1. I got inspired by your recipe today and even though I didn't follow it to the letter because I had some black bananas I needed to use, I hope my muffins will turn delicious and chocolaty (they are in the oven now)

    Next time I will make it exactly because it sounds and looks delicious!


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