Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Ceramics Collection JASMIN BLANC

A lovely ceramics collection is on its way and hopefully will be ready by the end of next week. I think I have already told you this, but I think the greatest thing about the way I work with ceramics is, that the final product is always a surprise. I experiment a lot and never do any kind of tryouts, I do it from scratch to end and let myself be amazed by it...It really is the most wonderful thing...

(some of the molds that I use)

Those of you who work with ceramics also know that this is a relatively longer process especially if you have a bigger oven it it takes some time til it fills up so that you can start the burning process. Then glazing, burning decoration and then burning it yet again! But I really love every minute of it all and have butterflies in my stomach every time I open the doors of the oven after the very last burn.
Here are some photos of the freshly poured products...

So all these beauties and more will be available in about two weeks in Jasmin Blanc Boutique! So be sure to visit my shop every chance you get. Until then you can browse through the products which are available at this point.


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