Sunday, January 9, 2011

On my way to Etsy...and some baking

...that road seems to be a bit longer than I expected.
Did I tell you how much I hate all the bureaucracy about banks and numbers? Well, let me do the honor now then. It is not that I am not able to make any progresses, but everything seems to take forever, all the processing and codes. So silly!
Anyway, it seems there is pretty much a big fat nothing that I can do about it, except wait. So that is what I am impatiently doing...

Soon, very soon! And until then I am very excited about our mother-daughter business "thing". A couple of days ago, my mom and I, we decided to try selling homemade cookies and cakes. Not online obviously and definitely not internationally, that would be hilarious. No, we have heard about many people complaining about not having time (or the skills/nerves) to bake anything so they buy everything from the stores, you know, the crappy supermarket ones, which in spite of having different names, they taste alike... And we heard these very same people craving homemade "mommy's" cookies/cakes. So we decided that with the help of our friends -- who would do us a favor and advertise it among their friends (etc.)-- we will help others get the deserts they want and even earn some money. Who knows what turns out of it... So much yummieness never led to anything bad :) So if this thought captured your interest and you are from/or nearby Cluj, let me know how we can help you. We started out with baking some tea-biscuit and salty delights, but I was not able to take pictures yet so those will come soon!
And maybe I can make a link between my ceramics dishes and the baked goodies. I am really excited! Stay tuned!


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  1. This sounds quite a good idea, I'll advertise you, and for the coming birthdays, I'll now whom to ask for a "little favor" ;)


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