Friday, January 14, 2011

Surprising & Wrapping

These two are very important when you have an online shop, or any shop for that matter. I try to pack the ordered products in a special way and if the amount spent in my shop exceeds a given sum, then I like to surprise my customers with something special...

I don't know much about marketing, so I do not follow any rules or strict advices. Actually I don't even like to spend a lot of time on this aspect of the "business" (although I know I should)... For me creating is what keeps my mind and heart busy at all times. But in spite all this, I like to think of what I would like to receive when I order something online. And especially if it is something handmade... I'd expect something special, something out of the ordinary, something that I would normally not expect...

So here is my advice to handmade artists who sell online: think of yourselves. Consider what you would like to get! And that way you'll give the best you can. I think no one would expect more than that...Or less for that matter.

After hiding surprises among the ordered creations, comes the wrapping up. I don't think that the secret of wrapping lies in the high quality of some fancy paper...Take a look at what I did in the past couple of days.
What is really important, I think, is to have somewhat the same style in wrapping as you have in general for what you create. That way I'd dare to say that your art extends to this final detail!

What are your experiences about this subject? Let me know in a comment bellow ♥

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