Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday thoughts

I don't really follow any sports shows, except for one particular type...
Oh how I love this time of year (this week in fact), with the Figure Skating Championships going on...pure addiction for me! For now on the European level and in March everyone from every continent comes together for a wonderful show...can't wait. While in high school I magically got sick each year in those two special weeks... :) It was quite a while ago, but it is impossible to forget!

Other then that, I created many "loveliness" this week, feeling so energetic throughout the whole week. Actually I just finished sewing up a thousand million (ok, I have no idea about the real number) beads and pearls on to a whimsical necklace...hope to have the time to take some photos tomorrow so I'll be able to show it to you.

And you know what else is going on tomorrow? Stay tuned my sweet participants, because you might just get lucky tomorrow!!! I'll be announcing the winner of THE giveaway! (*drums*)

And something else that's pretty new is a "couple" of brand new items in my Breslo Shop!

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