Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two for sale and one to keep

I was always crazy about candles...
In my senior year in high school (quite some time ago, to be honest), my mom and I both had silly busy schedules so each and every morning we used to get up at half past 6, when it was still dark outside, lit up some candles and drink coffee together. Otherwise we could not have spent any time at all together... So this is for the cozy moments, but we all very well know how some candles can change the outlook, smell and atmosphere of any home...
But since I work with ceramics and not candles, I thought I'd design something nice and reusable. Because when a pretty looking candle is over, that is that. But these candle holders can be refilled with tiny little tea-candles all the time and still look chic.

And I thought I'd keep this one for myself, since I like to do my yoga practice by candle light in the evening...

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  1. So pretty! I love seeing the light shine through the holes!


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