Monday, February 28, 2011

Fair #2 impressions

Our second handmade fair is also behind us... And the adjective "relaxing" would definitely be appropriate. It was a different experience, that's for sure, but I am glad I was part of it and would definitely do it again.

Having expositions in pubs is not a new thing, but one thing's for sure, it would have needed more light! I mean pubs are not famous for being overwhelmed with light-sources and that is alright, it is how it is supposed to be. But for such occasions as fairs, where the work exposed has to be admired, people need to have the chance to see something.

Yet, despite the pretty nasty light conditions (my butter-colored ceramics were at one point red/blue/green), the sells were decent...pretty nice I should say. Without so-to-say moving a finger :) And the vibe of the whole place just had that little "laissez-fair" attitude, which was so laid back and relaxing. We all had a great time, and I think I can say that in everyone's name!
One thing that I discovered and have found awesome was that it was not just that I didn't have to keep myself from smoking but the thick smoke I inhaled all through the weekend annoyed me bigtime. How awesome is that?
A girl I met in Taize visited me on Sunday (she is from Cluj) and I told her this next to answering "I am happy" to her "How are you?" question. She said, it seems I had to get to this state in order to solve my ever-failing attempt to stop smoking....It is wonderful...Both our lives were deeply changed for the better last summer (and I here I am not at all refering to the "smoke or not to smoke" issue) :)
I don't believe in coincidence!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pink Saturday -22-

Another great Pink Saturday...
Normally I would show you some pink jewelry or pottery I made, but for today I wanted to share with you a moment from last summer that I dearly cherish...

Look at this gorgeous pink skyline? Isn't it magical? I used to admire the different shades of the early-morning-sky at the french countryside for three whole months while jogging. So inspirational... It was always when my ideas came, and later during the day I would sketch them. It is strange how at home every great idea comes just before I fall asleep, and if I am too lazy to switch on the lights and make a quick sketch it vanishes by morning...

But the story goes like this...
Three girls get up at 5am, they walk 45 minutes to a bakery in the next village, without contacts or glasses -except one of us, but she was not awake enough to make good use of them anyway- (believe me, we have seen it all, because none of us could see in a distance, so at one point we even thought some poor boy-scouts, walking toward us on the biking path, to be cows. No comment!). So we did all this knowing that we have to be back in Taize at 8. But waking up for a nice treat of pain au chocolat and tasty coffee was definitely worth the hassle... What is it really that women wouldn't do for chocolate? (*wink*)

Don't forget to visit Beverly's blog for other gorgeous pink posts and pink thought...La vie en rose ♥

ps. don't forget to come visit me at Gambrinus for the second Spring Fair. You'll have wonderful things to choose from, handmade, one-of-a-kind, heart-felted creations by a number of local artists and artisans! See you there! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ceramics in the shop

I updated my shop with some new goodies, which you can ckeck out by clicking HERE!

Other then that it seems like my hoping for spring to come is in vain, because it feels like Santa is on his way. It has been snowing since yesterday.

Oh well, perhaps it is not yet time...

Hope you like my new products!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Work in progress

Somehow a fun day always involves some creation for me... But if my solitary creating moments are paired up with an evening spent with friends then I can truly say I had a wonderful day! So, somehow today, even a particular responsibility which used to represent a burden on my heart got solved so smoothly that I literally felt like dancing afterward.

Anyway, let me focus on the creating bit for now and show you some of the things I've been working on today. These shots were taken right after I took the items out of the molds (or shaped them manually), they are not yet burnt or glazed or anything. But I thought it would be fun to show you different stages, not only the end result...I mean, the path which leads us to where we want to be, is what counts the most anyway (well, most of the time), doesn't it?

Hope you enjoyed the "sneak-peak"...

ps. I really hope the tiny flowers turn out to be perfect after glazing and burning, because I am really excited about transforming them into a very special and exceptionally delicate necklace

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Primavara cu Stil" impressions

Long but very delightful and well spent weekend!
I met a lot of great people and I'd like to send a huge thank you to everyone who came and said hi, saying they were following my blog and my work and wishing me all the best. It meant the world to me! Thank you!!! ♥

When I came home yesterday I just fell into bed, smiling at the ceiling, thinking I am blessed to have the kind of life that I have... I don't think there is anything more rewarding than that!

What I learned (from a practical point of view) is, that I definitely need to break my space in half next time...If I keep it this way I might as well put everything into a box and let people treasure-hunt. No. Seriously! Ceramics are ok this way, they can be "detached" from each other, but I definitely need to do something about the jewelry display... And I'd better figure out what til next weekend for the second spring fair!

Anyway you can see some of the other displays in the photo bellow, if you are from around here you probably all know them and the these names ( Kittenhood, Maria Hera, The Peacock, Ydna's Art, BWE, Marillys and many more, really) seem awfully familiar :)

Aaaaaaand I bought this bar of lavender soap and lip-balm from Adriana's shop who once asked me to make her these hand-painted brooches! I am really glad I got to meet you in person, it was a real pleasure! By the way I love the lip balm, you were right, it is very moisturizing.

So long til next time, and don't forget, there is always something new and pretty in my shop!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Find Jasmin Blanc Boutique on Facebook

It has been requested that I made a Facebook page for quite a while now, and it does seem to make sense :) so here it is, like "me", contact me, email me, message me. Everything is really apreciated! ♥

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunny Tuesday

What better time than this for chasing bitter-sweet reveries... such a wonderful day should result a frenetically good mood. Yet why so sad? Made some brighter, warmer things to cheer myself up...Some of them already found a new home (aka. sold out) :)) Hope your heart is happier than mine though, and hope mine will get to its senses as well. Soon!
Til then I am assiduously preparing this and that for the weekend fair and tomorrow I'm going to go and order some business cards. First one ever (the handmade ones don't count. Although I had some when I was 5 years old, the name was Silvie Gilard and I was a private detective)! You can be sure I'll brag about them as soon as they're out :)

Look for them in my shop!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Delicious Monday

Sweeten up your Monday with some Jasmin Blanc Boutique yummies ♥ In the shop, now!

Wishing you a wonderful week!



Sunday, February 13, 2011

And the winner is...

True Random Number Generator 12

Again, I apologize for the unprofessional non-screen print, but due to Vista mixed with my huge lack of computer-world knowledge this copy-paste thing is the best I can do. I didn't come up with a solution yet. Sorry about that.
Buuuut, again that is, I suppose, the least important right now for the lovely winner of the Jasmin Blanc Boutique giveaway!!!

Lucky number 12, and since I hate numbers and prefer letters: FIFI, congratulation!!! I will try to find your email address on your blog, if you will not receive a mail until tomorrow, please contact me, ok? I wouldn't want to leave you empty handed :)

I'm not a fan of these themed days, especially Valentine's. Not because it is not nice to dedicate it to "love", I mean, I'd dedicate every single day for that purpose, it is just that people tend to distort it in all possible ways until it gets disgusting... So I don't celebrate it! At least not the way people normally do...

But I asked you to tell me the first word that pops into your head about love, when you sign up for the giveaway, and I really enjoyed your answers... It is great how our minds work, isn't it? It sometimes marked by fear, at other times certainty, happiness or simply peace.
Sometimes love can be scary, I think we can all admit it. Sometimes it is madding, but in a good way, feeling so happy that you feel every single cell of yours tingle of joy...

I am certainly not a great writer, but I really think, that not even the best of them could really put "love" into words. Many tried describing it... maybe they managed in part, maybe they didn't even come close to it.

Sometimes this love that I am feeling, regardless of whom it aims, what its nature is or how strong it is, becomes mixed with other feelings; good and bad. Does it ever happen to you, that the love you are feeling starts making you miserable? Do you ever get obsessed a bit with it, or hold it back not to get hurt, or just simply pretend it's not even there, saying it is for the best?

Well it sometimes happens with me. And whenever it does, even just a little bit, I read the First letter of Paul to the Corinthians, chapter 13. And then I smile. Now, I know you might have "opinions" about religion, or God. Yet I ask you to read it, if you haven't done it until now. It brings back the kind of peace to my heart, which I, yet again, cannot put into words. It is one of those few, essential things, that can only be felt...

So celebrate tomorrow. But not because everyone is doing it. Or because you'll get a heart-shaped box of chocolate or an expensive gift. Celebrate, because you are loved enormously and you are capable of loving. There is nothing more grand than that! Not that it surprises me, a line from Moulin Rouge popped into my head (which probably everyone knows by heart, you might even hear Toulouse saying it)... but, I refuse to expressedly sum this up with a lame (but very true) sentence, so you'll just have to guess which one I'm talking about ;)


Ps. Forget the heart-shaped pillow that says "Be mine" and do something that really, truly fills your heart with love tomorrow!

Extra! Second Spring Fair!!!

So the banner's ready, I am ready, let the exposition begin :)

Yes, the first one is still on, and yes you are very very welcome to join us on the 19-20 of February at Primavara cu Stil, but if for some reason you cannot make it, or you miss us even after the first fair, drop by Gambrinus Pub the following weekend from 11:30 to 19:00 anytime :) I am so excited about both these expositions, it is nice to feel like I belong somewhere. For real! And there is this wonderful bond that exists among these people who participate either as vendors or buyers...the desire to express something that comes from within... the desire to show a different side of our world, one which cares and wants life to have a deeper meaning... and the courage to accept themselves the way they are and dare show it to the world! least that is a tiny part of how I feel about this! ♥

Come come come!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Productive flu

Silly flu and silly me for getting it...
However, I cannot just lay in bed pretending it will go away if I rest. I don't like to lay in bed. Just lay there. And then what? Lay there some more. No! Can't do that! So I sew and sew and sew! ♥ And now I'm starting to get my voice back and I am starting not to choke from all the coughing... Makin' progress, I'd say...

But what is lovely and nice is, that I feel as happy as anyone would on a warm spring afternoon (though it is not spring yet, and certainly not warm outside)...My heart is blooming, I can feel it ♥! And though having the flu meant: not really feeling like going out, I spent a lot of time creating. So check out the new goodies in my Breslo shop now!

Last day to sign up for the GIVEAWAY people!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Extra!!! Spring Fair "Primavara Cu Stil"

The date of the event is coming up shortly, so it's high-time I blog about it, right? New handmade exposition, folks, and personally my first one this year (not that the year started long ago, but hey)! So if you are in Cluj Napoca next weekend, or anywhere near and you can just stop by...Do so, please! These fairs are always a great's like stepping into a different world, where people care and try to seize the moment not letting time, feelings and life in general pass them by!

Opening hours 11:00 -- 18:00

Many new creations, projects, surprises from Jasmin Blanc Boutique specially for the fair! Come and see ;)


ps. don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Ceramics Collection

Tons of new ceramics goodies have been added to my Breslo shop !!! Check them out ♥

Hope you like them!...and I hope it shows how much I enjoy making them...

ps. Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saying thanks

Since I cannot shout it out loud, I at least need to talk about it over here...What is a blog for, if not that, right? :) The thing is, I lost my voice, I can barely whisper; You see a crazy woman running around like crazy on the streets, whistling to make a point, beware: it might be me! No, seriously. At home whenever my answer is as simple as yes or now I whistle once or twice accordingly.

It is so horrible! It is these times that I remember of all the things I take for granted...But it is when I no longer have it that I start appreciating. It is like that with many other things in life, isn't it? It is so natural that they are there with you every step you take, they become automatic and we don't even think about them as gifts any longer...

Every day, every moment, our health, our ability to breath, to talk, to see, to smile, to move, to run...most of us fortunate to have all these are the least grateful sometimes...

Just think about it...
I'm sure you also have a million small reasons (even miracles you posses and let manifest every day of your life) to be grateful for... People whine about not having the latest gadgets, clothes' collection, money in their pockets, a new car, a fancy house or what not...And when we come to think about it, what are these in comparison with what God gave you, in comparison with what you really, truly have...?


Monday, February 7, 2011

February Giveaway

So here is what I suggest: lets have a GIVEAWAY! ;)

The other one I held was not a very long time ago. True. But I just thought I'd organize this month's giveaway right before Valentine's, so whoever wins the prize shall feel even more loved on that symbolic day of love...

Ok, I have to admit, labeling one day to remind us of love is absolutely positively NOT my style. But when this coincides with the idea of surprising someone "just because", then I can work on it :))

So the rules are pretty simple: you need to be a follower and you have to leave a comment to this post!

However, I'd also like to answer to the following cheesy question this time:

What is the first word that pops into your head when you hear the word love?

The very first word, don't take your time answering this question...

So you can follow my blog, leave a comment and answer my question from today (7 February) until/including the 12th of February! And this means I'll announce the winner on the 13th (lucky 13th, right? *wink*)!!! Good luck ♥

(Shipping is only available within Romania)


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pink Saturday -21-

Another fabulous Saturday and me blogging sick-in-bed on it...But that's alright. I suppose in a way it is understandable, when for weeks it is around -15 Celsius degrees Mediterranean soul cannot really cope with that for long (*wink*)

But never mind that! Happy Pink Saturday to all of you...I thought it would be nice to be in tone with the theme of this cold month, warmed up with all the pre-spring love, so my contribution of the day is a necklace I recently made!

Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and check out the other lovely pinkies linked up for today's party!

Have a wonderful Weekend and stay healthy!

(ps. necklace is available in my Breslo shop)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love on sale

How twisted would that be, really? To buy some love, maybe a kilogram, or half a meter...

Sorry, I have no such love for sale in none of the measurements mentioned...But what I do have though, is 23% off, of the total sum of your purchase today (1st of Feb.)! For all and any of the products which have a "♥" on them, or which are in the shape of a "♥". But I made it easier for you to be able to select, so I arranged them all on the first page of my Breslo Shop!!! Bags, ceramics,'s all there...