Sunday, February 13, 2011

And the winner is...

True Random Number Generator 12

Again, I apologize for the unprofessional non-screen print, but due to Vista mixed with my huge lack of computer-world knowledge this copy-paste thing is the best I can do. I didn't come up with a solution yet. Sorry about that.
Buuuut, again that is, I suppose, the least important right now for the lovely winner of the Jasmin Blanc Boutique giveaway!!!

Lucky number 12, and since I hate numbers and prefer letters: FIFI, congratulation!!! I will try to find your email address on your blog, if you will not receive a mail until tomorrow, please contact me, ok? I wouldn't want to leave you empty handed :)

I'm not a fan of these themed days, especially Valentine's. Not because it is not nice to dedicate it to "love", I mean, I'd dedicate every single day for that purpose, it is just that people tend to distort it in all possible ways until it gets disgusting... So I don't celebrate it! At least not the way people normally do...

But I asked you to tell me the first word that pops into your head about love, when you sign up for the giveaway, and I really enjoyed your answers... It is great how our minds work, isn't it? It sometimes marked by fear, at other times certainty, happiness or simply peace.
Sometimes love can be scary, I think we can all admit it. Sometimes it is madding, but in a good way, feeling so happy that you feel every single cell of yours tingle of joy...

I am certainly not a great writer, but I really think, that not even the best of them could really put "love" into words. Many tried describing it... maybe they managed in part, maybe they didn't even come close to it.

Sometimes this love that I am feeling, regardless of whom it aims, what its nature is or how strong it is, becomes mixed with other feelings; good and bad. Does it ever happen to you, that the love you are feeling starts making you miserable? Do you ever get obsessed a bit with it, or hold it back not to get hurt, or just simply pretend it's not even there, saying it is for the best?

Well it sometimes happens with me. And whenever it does, even just a little bit, I read the First letter of Paul to the Corinthians, chapter 13. And then I smile. Now, I know you might have "opinions" about religion, or God. Yet I ask you to read it, if you haven't done it until now. It brings back the kind of peace to my heart, which I, yet again, cannot put into words. It is one of those few, essential things, that can only be felt...

So celebrate tomorrow. But not because everyone is doing it. Or because you'll get a heart-shaped box of chocolate or an expensive gift. Celebrate, because you are loved enormously and you are capable of loving. There is nothing more grand than that! Not that it surprises me, a line from Moulin Rouge popped into my head (which probably everyone knows by heart, you might even hear Toulouse saying it)... but, I refuse to expressedly sum this up with a lame (but very true) sentence, so you'll just have to guess which one I'm talking about ;)


Ps. Forget the heart-shaped pillow that says "Be mine" and do something that really, truly fills your heart with love tomorrow!

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