Sunday, February 13, 2011

Extra! Second Spring Fair!!!

So the banner's ready, I am ready, let the exposition begin :)

Yes, the first one is still on, and yes you are very very welcome to join us on the 19-20 of February at Primavara cu Stil, but if for some reason you cannot make it, or you miss us even after the first fair, drop by Gambrinus Pub the following weekend from 11:30 to 19:00 anytime :) I am so excited about both these expositions, it is nice to feel like I belong somewhere. For real! And there is this wonderful bond that exists among these people who participate either as vendors or buyers...the desire to express something that comes from within... the desire to show a different side of our world, one which cares and wants life to have a deeper meaning... and the courage to accept themselves the way they are and dare show it to the world! least that is a tiny part of how I feel about this! ♥

Come come come!


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  1. I guess I'll see you at both fairs :)


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