Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pink Saturday -22-

Another great Pink Saturday...
Normally I would show you some pink jewelry or pottery I made, but for today I wanted to share with you a moment from last summer that I dearly cherish...

Look at this gorgeous pink skyline? Isn't it magical? I used to admire the different shades of the early-morning-sky at the french countryside for three whole months while jogging. So inspirational... It was always when my ideas came, and later during the day I would sketch them. It is strange how at home every great idea comes just before I fall asleep, and if I am too lazy to switch on the lights and make a quick sketch it vanishes by morning...

But the story goes like this...
Three girls get up at 5am, they walk 45 minutes to a bakery in the next village, without contacts or glasses -except one of us, but she was not awake enough to make good use of them anyway- (believe me, we have seen it all, because none of us could see in a distance, so at one point we even thought some poor boy-scouts, walking toward us on the biking path, to be cows. No comment!). So we did all this knowing that we have to be back in Taize at 8. But waking up for a nice treat of pain au chocolat and tasty coffee was definitely worth the hassle... What is it really that women wouldn't do for chocolate? (*wink*)

Don't forget to visit Beverly's blog for other gorgeous pink posts and pink thought...La vie en rose ♥

ps. don't forget to come visit me at Gambrinus for the second Spring Fair. You'll have wonderful things to choose from, handmade, one-of-a-kind, heart-felted creations by a number of local artists and artisans! See you there! :)


  1. What a fun post. That chocolate pastry looks divine.

  2. I am glad you shared this lovely pink sky scene today. It is a spectular sight.

  3. Hi Erika,
    I found you over at Pink Saturday. I adore your blog, makes me feel closer to my late french mom.
    I'll surely visit again soon.

    God bless,
    Viola over at

  4. lovely shot! and now I'm hungry...Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. hei erika..daca tot ne-am imprietenit la targ ti-am adaugat blogul..oricum de mult ti-l urmaresc si te admir..asta nu ti-am zis la targ ca mi-a fost rusine:))))))


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