Monday, February 21, 2011

"Primavara cu Stil" impressions

Long but very delightful and well spent weekend!
I met a lot of great people and I'd like to send a huge thank you to everyone who came and said hi, saying they were following my blog and my work and wishing me all the best. It meant the world to me! Thank you!!! ♥

When I came home yesterday I just fell into bed, smiling at the ceiling, thinking I am blessed to have the kind of life that I have... I don't think there is anything more rewarding than that!

What I learned (from a practical point of view) is, that I definitely need to break my space in half next time...If I keep it this way I might as well put everything into a box and let people treasure-hunt. No. Seriously! Ceramics are ok this way, they can be "detached" from each other, but I definitely need to do something about the jewelry display... And I'd better figure out what til next weekend for the second spring fair!

Anyway you can see some of the other displays in the photo bellow, if you are from around here you probably all know them and the these names ( Kittenhood, Maria Hera, The Peacock, Ydna's Art, BWE, Marillys and many more, really) seem awfully familiar :)

Aaaaaaand I bought this bar of lavender soap and lip-balm from Adriana's shop who once asked me to make her these hand-painted brooches! I am really glad I got to meet you in person, it was a real pleasure! By the way I love the lip balm, you were right, it is very moisturizing.

So long til next time, and don't forget, there is always something new and pretty in my shop!


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  1. i just love love love your stand !! and everything u have there! i first saw your stand at the last fair and i just fell in love with everything!! i bought on Sunday a pair of earrings that i simple adore!! :D im wearing them right now! best regards and have a great day!!


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