Saturday, February 12, 2011

Productive flu

Silly flu and silly me for getting it...
However, I cannot just lay in bed pretending it will go away if I rest. I don't like to lay in bed. Just lay there. And then what? Lay there some more. No! Can't do that! So I sew and sew and sew! ♥ And now I'm starting to get my voice back and I am starting not to choke from all the coughing... Makin' progress, I'd say...

But what is lovely and nice is, that I feel as happy as anyone would on a warm spring afternoon (though it is not spring yet, and certainly not warm outside)...My heart is blooming, I can feel it ♥! And though having the flu meant: not really feeling like going out, I spent a lot of time creating. So check out the new goodies in my Breslo shop now!

Last day to sign up for the GIVEAWAY people!



  1. lista asta e superba...mi le doresc pe toate Erika!
    mai ales vestuta sau compleul..nici nu stiu cum sa ii zic, nu l-am gasit pe breslo :)

  2. Mersi Emilie :) Vestuta/Pulovarasul sau ma rog, si-a gasit chiar azi o casa si o gazda noua, minunata! :) Dar proiecte mai am, aproape termitate asa ca cine stie, poate gasesti ceva dintre cele noi :)


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