Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saying thanks

Since I cannot shout it out loud, I at least need to talk about it over here...What is a blog for, if not that, right? :) The thing is, I lost my voice, I can barely whisper; You see a crazy woman running around like crazy on the streets, whistling to make a point, beware: it might be me! No, seriously. At home whenever my answer is as simple as yes or now I whistle once or twice accordingly.

It is so horrible! It is these times that I remember of all the things I take for granted...But it is when I no longer have it that I start appreciating. It is like that with many other things in life, isn't it? It is so natural that they are there with you every step you take, they become automatic and we don't even think about them as gifts any longer...

Every day, every moment, our health, our ability to breath, to talk, to see, to smile, to move, to run...most of us fortunate to have all these are the least grateful sometimes...

Just think about it...
I'm sure you also have a million small reasons (even miracles you posses and let manifest every day of your life) to be grateful for... People whine about not having the latest gadgets, clothes' collection, money in their pockets, a new car, a fancy house or what not...And when we come to think about it, what are these in comparison with what God gave you, in comparison with what you really, truly have...?


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