Monday, March 28, 2011

New goodies

Check them out in the store!
Jasmin Blanc Boutique always delights you with tiny surprises...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is your morning like?

The habit of drinking coffee started a long time ago for me... It all began while I was still in high school, because it was pretty much the only time during the week when my mom and I could spend time together, so even if one had to get up early and the other one not, we still did and had our morning moments :) I really loved it and drinking coffee somehow always takes me back there! ♥

That is why I decided to create something pretty for the occasion, so that you may also experience something nice in those special moments, and even though I cannot lend you my mom for the company, what I can do is show you this coffee set I already talked to you about in a "coming soon" post. But this time it is all done and availabe in my store.

Hope you like it..this is like a tiny peek of a whole collection worth of blooming ceramics. So stay tuned!

Better late than never...

I participated in a swap a while ago. It was the one organized by Revista Atelierul, and I received these two lovely brooches made by Florentina at Spring flower 24, two whom I must apologize for not getting back sooner. I am sorry and thank you so much! ♥



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loving, doing, letting go, but looking ahead!

(picture taken in Taize, France)

Great start to the day...
Sun is shining, just finished chatting with my great friend from Kenya, M...and somehow today coffee had an even better taste.
You might have noticed that my posts are a little scarcer at this point, and not because I have nothing to tell you or pictures to show you, but rather because I cannot spare a lot of time for this right now. See, the thing is I am on the last 100 meters of preparations. I've been working on two ceramics collections and one with accessories, plus a lot of jewelry to have many new things to delight you with in my store, because I'll be leaving the country but my online store will stay WIDE open for you all, always hiding something new and pretty to be discovered.

You might be wondering were I'm heading...
First in Taize, France. To spend a week there, this is just something that I desire with all my heart. And then I'll head over to England to start a volunteer program for international cooperation and development. I will blog about all that in its right time!

One of these days a neighbor of mine (a woman in her 30s) asked me how Uni was going and I told her I had dropped out and continued with doing something I truly love, but now I am getting ready to go and do this program to help others. She grinned and said what? you think you can change the world?

I was never planning on doing that, but making the world a little happier is all I'm striving for.

I have been so miserable not being able to find the activity that made me happy. I really think all we really ever need is to turn with love towards everything and we will see the world in a different light. God helped me to do that. Sometimes I fail in what concerns turning towards others this way, but then I try harder. Yet in what concerns my daily activity, I have never in my life been so happy, loving something with all my heart.

And I feel I have been so blessed to be able to open up my heart this way and be able to welcome these wonderful feelings in my life. So now all I wish for is to share that with the world and make people smile. I cannot take away any misery, or fix anyone's shattered bones, but what I can do is share my happiness. It might not instantly fix anyone's problems, but what it will do is, it will give strength to people to see it is possible if we just approach things from another angle.

This program takes 18 months and next to the serious training it of course has a practical side in which students get sent off to other countries (on other continents). Most of this we do by fund-raising, but pocket money has to be solved by each the best they can. So know, that every time you buy something from my shop you do it not to help me buy a new pair of shoes, but you contribute to helping me help other people.

It was a big decision, and not at all an easy one, but I feel it was the right one to make. Yet it is very hard to let go of something I love so much...but you know what they say, if you really love something it means you are able to let it go. And the way it was said, "love does not insist on its own way" (1 Cor. ch.13); who knows what the future holds...? So I am confident that God will show me the way!

Have a wonderful and sunny day!

(picture taken in Taize, France. The children were asked to draw themselves)

ps. when it is all over, nothing else really matters except the love you gave away...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New in my Breslo Shop and coming soon...

Here you can see the new things added to my Breslo store...inspired by the fresh chicness of the light spring wind.

Now, many people have asked me for cups/mugs... And though they are not yet in my store, I am working on quite a few different ones. This one bellow just needs a stain of gold and it will be ready for your use! VERY soon ♥ But don't you worry many more will follow :)

I have been working a lot on two different, yet colliding collections....with...well, cats of course. And having been inspired by this wonderful season that I have been so anxiously waiting, I also have a blooming collection with various flowers and delicate shapes... In the store and on my blog with a little more detail, soon! I am really excited about all these lovelies.

This mosaic shows just a tiny bit of the process and progress of the collections, so be patient and you'll see the miracle when it is all done. You know, some might call this sentence arrogant...And I am no miracle worker, sure. But the truth is that every time I have the final items, all done, in one place stored together, it makes my heart beat faster. See, it is always a surprise for me too. I don't use special measurements for coloring the paste, and I always prepare just a bit, so it would not last me long. Thus having to mix a new one all over again, but the new one always being different in shade. And the great about this is. that I cannot really estimate the final color until it is all fired and glazed and taken out from the oven for the last time. And not knowing for sure, only hoping and anxiously waiting for a couple of weeks, working continuously in the meantime, makes me feel like a child. (Remember the times you were 5 and your grandma came to visit, and you were shaking in excitement because of the mysteries that had hid who-knew-what in her handbag?)

Hope you are as happy as I am for the arrival of the smiling and caressing sunshine!


Monday, March 14, 2011

New in my Breslo Shop

A little bit of everything on this beautiful and warm Monday evening... Check them out in my shop!

Wishing you a great night!

Ps. I'll go enjoy a fresh and very chocolaty homemade muffin. Baking relaxes me, and luckily the gym too :) Bisous!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pink Saturday -24-

Happy Pink Saturday to all of you out there...even green for some of you celebrating St. Patrick's Day :) To view all the gorgeous pink and green posts visit How Sweet the Sound and enjoy!

Today I thought I'd show you a tiny present I made for one of my customers a short while ago, knowing she just gave birth to a lovely baby girl. And it made me realize, I would be thrilled to have a baby/child -line as well one day, but til then I'll give them away for the fun of it! ♥

Align CenterWishing you a sunny weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Made in... or made by?

I had a very awkward incident at one of these spring fairs I participated at.
A girl, who was also a seller at the fair by-the-way, came to me looked around, complemented my things and then asked "Are these things imported?"! (hear the violent drums as background music)
My jaw fell and for a moment I was not even sure whether she was joking or not, but I thought she must be, yet when I looked at her I saw she was really seriously inquiring... And though I felt like laughing my heart out, I just smiled and said, no, of course not, I made them with my tinny-winny hands...and then smiled some more and kept telling my mind shut up you will not be rude!

Not to mention that the fair was all about handmade items, so how could I have sold some things bought from who-knows-where?

Despite someone telling me -when sharing this story- that she might have been inspired by herself when asking that question, I gave it some thought and ended up at (trying to see this in) a different perspective or rather from the other angle. I mean, I practically grew up surrounded by ceramics... A different approach of it than the one I have, yes, but it was still ceramics. Loads of it in all possible ways. So for me the identification of different materials, styles or processes is as natural as it gets.
But, say I had never even seen a tableware at a different stage than out of the warehouse, sitting elegantly on the dinning room could I even imagine what it's made of, through what process and where could it come from, right? I would probably have no idea... (yet, I'd never be so insensitive as to cast stones on anyone with my tone, but hey...)

So due to this incident and the many how/where questions I received from curious and sweet friends and clients, I decided to show you a few pictures of the process. Please note that this is a very brief and inconsistent description, having the purpose to sort out some misunderstandings and make the ones who are curious even more so! :)

Here you can clearly see the upper part of the gorgeous little milk-cup, for your morning coffee, glancing from a mould made of gypsum.

And here many of them, freshly taken out, decorated with daisies.

After doing this they need to fully dry, then they need to be cleaned with a tiny knife from the extra lines left by the moulds. And then the are put in the oven (a special one with very high voltage). The first time they become more stiff and resistant, but then they need to be glazed to be ready for usage. Right after glazing they are again put into the oven, and when taken out they already have that gorgeous shine that you all love about my displays :). After this, if I find it necessary I use gold or other colors to decorate them, and if it is the case transfer pictures as well. And again, they have to be fired/burned once again!

The special oven which is nothing like the one you bake muffins in, now, is it?

Here you will see the brief version of how my kitty plate is made.

First, I pour the paste into the mould.

Then, when it becomes solid, I take the top of the mould off.

And try to separate the plate from the mould so to turn it to the right side.

Lookin' pretty good :) then I clean it with a light sponge to make it look impeccable for the decorations...
This kitty it made pretty much the same way ast the plate. Then I glue it to the plate (and when I say glue, I mean solid and dried out ceramic waste mixed with the right amount of water), hand-shape some flowers or who-knows-what and then as I explained above, I put it into the oven etc, etc, etc :)

I hope I cleared all the mysteries regarding ceramics...MY ceramics, made BY me in a workshop belonging to MY family. This sentence sounds awfully possessive ;) But just so you know, it was intentional! :))
And now, since I have been working all day long on MY ceramics in our workshop, I will discretely leave you with these thoughts and sleep some! No, but seriously, I am working on two separate collections in the same time, already cherishing and developing a new one in my head, enjoying and living it as I love to, so stay tuned because you will get to see many brand new creations soon!

the sleepy E.

ps. this post made me seriously consider developing and strictly using a Jasmin Blanc Boutique label-stamp on MY things...It would once and for all settle these kinds of uncomfortable situations.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New in my Breslo Shop

Among the last minute preparations for the tiny expo later today, I decided to put together a quick mosaic of my latest work, now available in my Breslo Shop!

One thing I love about what I do is, that I can never grow tired of it, I never become bored or blocked with my ideas or inspiration, because every time I feel like I am slowing down and my hands are not moving as I'd like them too, I just change to some other method or material that gives me that go with which I grow wings again... So this pretty much sums up -if you were ever wondering-, why I have a pretty divers boutique, where you can find things from clothes to deco items, and from jewelries to tableware and accessories...

Some say that one has to stick to one thing in order to become a pro at it. But I say, we should not limit ourselves if it comes naturally. Let your mind and heart manifest in whatever it pleases to, as long as you find pure joy and incredible happiness in it, I think you are on the right track! :)

Wish me luck for today's fair...yet it will be in a bookstore (read: heaven) so what could go wrong?

The sun is out folks, come and visit me in Carturesti!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exposition #3

This fair is going to be a little bit different...since it takes place in a bookstore! Which is, I think, really exciting. So ladies and gents, visit us in Carturesti tomorrow to treat yourself or your loved one with something special... a necklace, a book, a yummy name it!

March 7th-8th from 14:00 - 20:00!

See you there!

Pink Saturday -23-

When family friends are florists, we get flowers...and you will not see me complaining anytime soon :)
Happy Pink Saturday to you all! And don't forget to check Beverly's blog for all the other pretty pink posts!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snail mail or email?

I had I really dreadful day today... It has been a while since something this unsettling has happened in my life and even though I met many people today (which was good!) I could not talk about it and I am again posting at this moment for the mere reason of not being able to sleep, yet unable to speak my heart out. So I'll just leave it at that!

Anyway to give a different purpose to this post except that of "failed venting", I wanted to share a little something that I did while at the fair this weekend. There was this guy, who really liked one of my necklaces (I'm assuming he has a girlfriend he wanted to give it to), but did not have the money to pay for it. So he asked whether I was up for a swap and I said well, why not. It turned out he liked to take pictures and turn them into postcards, he went from pub to bar sitting down at tables asking people whether they'd want a postcard. And to be honest with you all, I really admire him for that. Believing in ones passion, making it real and do whatever it takes to tell people about it... in the context it is truly wonderful!

One thing about me that is true for a fact is that I am an old school snail-mail person! Emails are great. Really. For emergencies, for business, for last options... But what makes me feel truly connected to a friend from afar, whom I cannot get together with, is a piece of paper with that person's handwriting, and most importantly all the emotions and heart put into it. I find it so much more personal... And that incredible feeling of butterflies in my stomach when I take a peak into the postbox and see that it is full, wondering who the letter came from...oh it is simply priceless! It makes me feel like a happy child :)

What is it that you prefer?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New in my Breslo shop

Hurry up folks and get your brand new Jasmin Blanc Boutique goodie on Breslo!!!
Lots of love and sunny smiles,

New in my Etsy Shop

I haven't been paying much attention to my Boutique on Etsy, and it's a pity... especially since it is nearly brand new I should not neglect it. I worked out a solution for decent shipping rate and now you can also find ceramics in the shop. Yaaay! :D I am really excited about that one :)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand every cent that I make both on Etsy and on Breslo, will go into an indirect charitable action which I will very soon tell you more about. I am very excited and still cannot believe all of it is happening...

Anyhow, here are the new goodies on Etsy:

Please visit the shop and take a look around!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I think I might have lied a bit today...
Someone asked me whether I was afraid of solitude or not. And I said no. But had felt awkward about it all evening...I don't intend to confess here, no. But I just though this post would make you feel we have something in common. And I realized it is good to talk about it.
Last summer I felt great, loneliness or the fear of solitude had never even cross my mind. But a few weeks ago this shivering feeling just rushed over me, even for just a tiny moment. I felt like crying. But nowadays everytime I feel like crying I just start smiling. I don't know where it comes from. And I certainly am not able to explain. Perhaps this is yet again one of those thing that don't have to be explained...

Without being negative, I think most of us have experienced this mind-numbing feeling at one point or another... Have you ever tried denying it purposefully? Have you later realized that you have been unconsciously denying to feel this way? Have you been so brave as to embrace yourself with your fears and face them?

And though these questions are supposed to be rhetorical from my side, I would like you to just take a minute and think about what you are covering up or what you lay out and try to deal with... But either way, I think it is very important to forgive yourself for not being perfect...:)

I often smile at my profane fears... But sometimes I think I should also take them seriously, not making a big deal out of them, but not tossing them on the top shelf either.