Monday, February 28, 2011

Fair #2 impressions

Our second handmade fair is also behind us... And the adjective "relaxing" would definitely be appropriate. It was a different experience, that's for sure, but I am glad I was part of it and would definitely do it again.

Having expositions in pubs is not a new thing, but one thing's for sure, it would have needed more light! I mean pubs are not famous for being overwhelmed with light-sources and that is alright, it is how it is supposed to be. But for such occasions as fairs, where the work exposed has to be admired, people need to have the chance to see something.

Yet, despite the pretty nasty light conditions (my butter-colored ceramics were at one point red/blue/green), the sells were decent...pretty nice I should say. Without so-to-say moving a finger :) And the vibe of the whole place just had that little "laissez-fair" attitude, which was so laid back and relaxing. We all had a great time, and I think I can say that in everyone's name!
One thing that I discovered and have found awesome was that it was not just that I didn't have to keep myself from smoking but the thick smoke I inhaled all through the weekend annoyed me bigtime. How awesome is that?
A girl I met in Taize visited me on Sunday (she is from Cluj) and I told her this next to answering "I am happy" to her "How are you?" question. She said, it seems I had to get to this state in order to solve my ever-failing attempt to stop smoking....It is wonderful...Both our lives were deeply changed for the better last summer (and I here I am not at all refering to the "smoke or not to smoke" issue) :)
I don't believe in coincidence!

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