Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loving, doing, letting go, but looking ahead!

(picture taken in Taize, France)

Great start to the day...
Sun is shining, just finished chatting with my great friend from Kenya, M...and somehow today coffee had an even better taste.
You might have noticed that my posts are a little scarcer at this point, and not because I have nothing to tell you or pictures to show you, but rather because I cannot spare a lot of time for this right now. See, the thing is I am on the last 100 meters of preparations. I've been working on two ceramics collections and one with accessories, plus a lot of jewelry to have many new things to delight you with in my store, because I'll be leaving the country but my online store will stay WIDE open for you all, always hiding something new and pretty to be discovered.

You might be wondering were I'm heading...
First in Taize, France. To spend a week there, this is just something that I desire with all my heart. And then I'll head over to England to start a volunteer program for international cooperation and development. I will blog about all that in its right time!

One of these days a neighbor of mine (a woman in her 30s) asked me how Uni was going and I told her I had dropped out and continued with doing something I truly love, but now I am getting ready to go and do this program to help others. She grinned and said what? you think you can change the world?

I was never planning on doing that, but making the world a little happier is all I'm striving for.

I have been so miserable not being able to find the activity that made me happy. I really think all we really ever need is to turn with love towards everything and we will see the world in a different light. God helped me to do that. Sometimes I fail in what concerns turning towards others this way, but then I try harder. Yet in what concerns my daily activity, I have never in my life been so happy, loving something with all my heart.

And I feel I have been so blessed to be able to open up my heart this way and be able to welcome these wonderful feelings in my life. So now all I wish for is to share that with the world and make people smile. I cannot take away any misery, or fix anyone's shattered bones, but what I can do is share my happiness. It might not instantly fix anyone's problems, but what it will do is, it will give strength to people to see it is possible if we just approach things from another angle.

This program takes 18 months and next to the serious training it of course has a practical side in which students get sent off to other countries (on other continents). Most of this we do by fund-raising, but pocket money has to be solved by each the best they can. So know, that every time you buy something from my shop you do it not to help me buy a new pair of shoes, but you contribute to helping me help other people.

It was a big decision, and not at all an easy one, but I feel it was the right one to make. Yet it is very hard to let go of something I love so much...but you know what they say, if you really love something it means you are able to let it go. And the way it was said, "love does not insist on its own way" (1 Cor. ch.13); who knows what the future holds...? So I am confident that God will show me the way!

Have a wonderful and sunny day!

(picture taken in Taize, France. The children were asked to draw themselves)

ps. when it is all over, nothing else really matters except the love you gave away...


  1. Lovely!! you go girl!! you have my support!!:*

  2. Merci mult :) See you soon :*

  3. Stiu ce simti,si e important sa faci ce iti spune inima!Desii cei din jur in egoismul lor nu inteleg,tu fa ce e bine pt sufletul tau!:*:* We'll pray for you!:*:*

  4. what u are doing is really wonderful!! you are a true inspiration!!good luck in everything!


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