Thursday, March 17, 2011

New in my Breslo Shop and coming soon...

Here you can see the new things added to my Breslo store...inspired by the fresh chicness of the light spring wind.

Now, many people have asked me for cups/mugs... And though they are not yet in my store, I am working on quite a few different ones. This one bellow just needs a stain of gold and it will be ready for your use! VERY soon ♥ But don't you worry many more will follow :)

I have been working a lot on two different, yet colliding collections....with...well, cats of course. And having been inspired by this wonderful season that I have been so anxiously waiting, I also have a blooming collection with various flowers and delicate shapes... In the store and on my blog with a little more detail, soon! I am really excited about all these lovelies.

This mosaic shows just a tiny bit of the process and progress of the collections, so be patient and you'll see the miracle when it is all done. You know, some might call this sentence arrogant...And I am no miracle worker, sure. But the truth is that every time I have the final items, all done, in one place stored together, it makes my heart beat faster. See, it is always a surprise for me too. I don't use special measurements for coloring the paste, and I always prepare just a bit, so it would not last me long. Thus having to mix a new one all over again, but the new one always being different in shade. And the great about this is. that I cannot really estimate the final color until it is all fired and glazed and taken out from the oven for the last time. And not knowing for sure, only hoping and anxiously waiting for a couple of weeks, working continuously in the meantime, makes me feel like a child. (Remember the times you were 5 and your grandma came to visit, and you were shaking in excitement because of the mysteries that had hid who-knew-what in her handbag?)

Hope you are as happy as I am for the arrival of the smiling and caressing sunshine!


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