Monday, March 7, 2011

New in my Breslo Shop

Among the last minute preparations for the tiny expo later today, I decided to put together a quick mosaic of my latest work, now available in my Breslo Shop!

One thing I love about what I do is, that I can never grow tired of it, I never become bored or blocked with my ideas or inspiration, because every time I feel like I am slowing down and my hands are not moving as I'd like them too, I just change to some other method or material that gives me that go with which I grow wings again... So this pretty much sums up -if you were ever wondering-, why I have a pretty divers boutique, where you can find things from clothes to deco items, and from jewelries to tableware and accessories...

Some say that one has to stick to one thing in order to become a pro at it. But I say, we should not limit ourselves if it comes naturally. Let your mind and heart manifest in whatever it pleases to, as long as you find pure joy and incredible happiness in it, I think you are on the right track! :)

Wish me luck for today's fair...yet it will be in a bookstore (read: heaven) so what could go wrong?

The sun is out folks, come and visit me in Carturesti!


  1. where is the cat bag you were telling me about? I've been looking for it up and down in your shop and couldn't find it :)

    have fun today at the fair!

  2. It had found a home ;) and will soon travel there with the famous Posta Romana who broke two of my ceramic plates despite being very very well packed! Ugh I am so angry...:(

  3. I'm sorry about the plates :(


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