Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pink Saturday -24-

Happy Pink Saturday to all of you out there...even green for some of you celebrating St. Patrick's Day :) To view all the gorgeous pink and green posts visit How Sweet the Sound and enjoy!

Today I thought I'd show you a tiny present I made for one of my customers a short while ago, knowing she just gave birth to a lovely baby girl. And it made me realize, I would be thrilled to have a baby/child -line as well one day, but til then I'll give them away for the fun of it! ♥

Align CenterWishing you a sunny weekend!


  1. That is too cute!! I love the delicate knit with the pink flower. I bet she loved it :)
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Ugh! Lost what I just wrote. Let's try again.

    That sweater is so pretty and practical, and the pink rose was the perfect enbellishment! I don't have kids either, so I too understand the fun of making/buying for someone else's child. I'm sure your customer will love her sweater!

  3. Very cute .It would look good on my dolls.Hope you have a fun week Laura

  4. This is so pretty - looks very vintage. I've never heard of Eva Cassidy - but now I have to add her to my play list also - love her voice.
    Happy Pink Saturday to you. Dru

  5. Visual eye candy! Such a delicate little piece and the pink flower makes it even more precious.

    Happy PS
    Deanna :D


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