Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is your morning like?

The habit of drinking coffee started a long time ago for me... It all began while I was still in high school, because it was pretty much the only time during the week when my mom and I could spend time together, so even if one had to get up early and the other one not, we still did and had our morning moments :) I really loved it and drinking coffee somehow always takes me back there! ♥

That is why I decided to create something pretty for the occasion, so that you may also experience something nice in those special moments, and even though I cannot lend you my mom for the company, what I can do is show you this coffee set I already talked to you about in a "coming soon" post. But this time it is all done and availabe in my store.

Hope you like it..this is like a tiny peek of a whole collection worth of blooming ceramics. So stay tuned!

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