Tuesday, August 30, 2011

henna project

I bought some henna over the weekend. I wanted to try since such a long time. But I suppose I will have to continue on trying, because the one I bought (a cheap ready made version) was almost impossible to work with and left nothing but dirty hands. And if we had hot water running from the tap (which we don't here in the volunteer-training place, where I live at the moment), I could have washed it off even.

Here you can see that as it dried it was coming off without me doing anything to it... And the lines are so thick and ugly, but this was the tube I got with it, and even this kept on blocking, then suddenly making a disgusting stain by bursting out from the tube.

Now I am really open to order online, if you can recommend me something good that you tried and worked, I would be happy to try it also :)

But I am definitely not giving up!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

a walk to the sea...

Sundays are free. Other than that we work all the days…

But we have not even 2 entire weeks until starting the Development Instructor training. Can you believe I have already been here for more than 4 months? And to be honest with you, until I was solely working in the promotion office - to invite people to come and join the program, explaining them what it is all about, etc. you know, the usual office work,- I thought it will never come to an end. It had definitely been proven for me that I am NOT cut out for office work, it was killing me.

But anyway, work is not something that this post will be about. Let’s turn back to the part where I said Sundays are free here for all volunteers, unless someone chooses to work. So this past Sunday we went for a walk to the seaside with G. It was one of those really rare, but gorgeously sunny British days…The college is situated at about 1,5 hours walk away from Withernsea - a tiny seaside town by the North Sea, with friendly people and bone-cutting cold water. And it is probably the only place in the whole world where the pleasant salty breeze with a twist of raw fish smell is substituted by the dreadful odor of pig dung.

Ok, the fact is that the fields are being fertilized at this time of year, so it is somewhat understandable, but just so incompatible with the idea and situation itself…

But jokes aside, despite the reek, we had such a magical day!

Walking barefoot in England has not happened many times for me, despite the summer season. But now I could, and even walked a bit tip-toe into the last of the waves, just to feel the calming touch of the cold sea. It was amazing…

Til next time!