Friday, October 7, 2011


My posts have been quite scarce in these past months and along the way I blogged about my plans for the next year. I was about to leave to India to do development work there. I have spent the past 6 months in a "preparatory" college (those who have been there understand the reason for which I used quotation marks), where I met the wonderful person, who has been by my side in my best and worst moments over the past 3 months and still is.

What I would like to say first of all is how thankful I am for all the amazing people I met during these months, people who made me laugh, who made me cry, who pissed me off, who taught me a lot, who warmed my heard, who laughed and screamed together with me and who will stay in my heart forever!

A bit more than 2 weeks ago Gaspar and me, not all of a sudden, but through careful listening to our hearts, we decided to continue on our life-journey, this time seeking together all that we have been seeking separately until then. I feel that it was a good moment, it was our moment...

So presently we are in Romania, trying to quiet down are hearts of the unnecessary emotions and listen to what there is deep within. I truly believe this is everyone's truest guidance. This is what I did until now. Listing to my heart, I believe God speaks to me through her. And He guided me to this program where I met the amazing person I share my life with. Now He guided me back home. And the joy lies in the mysteries of the daily life!

I don't wish to make long explanations or speeches with great philosophies about anything. What I wish to say to you there is, don't let people, who are not even able to raise their own questions, drown you in the answers and advises they have found for your life.

Yet, not meaning to bore you with the story of my life, what is relevant here, is, that as for now Jasmin Blanc Boutique is more alive than ever, soon delighting you with new creations. But first I have two surprises. A mind blowing week of sales starting this Sunday, 9 October. And wrapping this up, a stunning giveaway will follow, featuring a ceramic kitten! Not to miss out on these events, don't forget to visit me here again!!!

Live simply, live beautifully!

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