Friday, October 14, 2011

weekend flea market

my dearests, sales are over and it has been a lot of fun!

You cannot imagine how thrilled it makes me feel to start working again and delight you with new creations over at my Jasmin Blanc Boutique! Also, while I was away from my workshop over in England, left without all my materials, not able to fully let go of my creative activities I learned (in fact I should say practiced) how to crochet. My grandma did teach me when I was just a little girl, but I had to look up all the stitches in English again to be able to read the patterns. Blessed be youtube for that!

Changing the subject, I want to share with you some pictures from last weekend.
There is a huge flea market type of event at Negreni each October, and normally we attend it not just because it is fun (and I get to eat a lot of sweet traditional cakes and cookies), but also because my grandmother sells traditional clothes (she is a dress maker in her own domain) to folk-dancers and everyone who is interested.

Bottom like is, we spent our Saturday there, I enjoyed it a lot, lots of junk as well, but it is always nicer for me to find the treasures underneath the silliness. Needless to say, I found two beautiful pairs of leather gloves and took lots of mental pictures observing the many -really- different people interacting! And last but not least I ate a lot of Kurtos kalacs with coconuts and sugar icing and enjoyed the day with my family.


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