Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Targutu' Vintage HoHoHo!

First time participating, being really excited!
Come and visit and surprise your friends "from Santa" with the kinds of gifts that have souls :) Jasmin Blanc Boutique, along with many others, will be there to delight you with wonderful tiny treasures...

When? 3-4 December from 11 a.m to 7 p.m
Where? Casa Matei Corvin

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa baby...

Oh I shiver every day even just when I think of the magic night of Christmas...How much I love it and feel each second of it, words are to lame to express!
And to make every moment count, I created some tiny details through which I can share with you the love I experience ♥

The previous week someone contacted me and ordered 3 sets of 5 tree-shaped ornaments each... Maybe to someone it sounds simply like an income; to me just imagining that the love I put into everything that I create, is decorating a family's entire Christmas tree, means everything!

Tonight I ask you, as you wake up tomorrow, smile! And let that kind of joy shape your whole day!


Craciun cu Stil

It might seem a little early to let you know, but I will anyway, just so you can mark your calendars in time! This year again, JasminBlancBoutique will be at Craciun cu Stil, the coziest and nicest fair I've ever been to. Just can't wait!

Where? Turnul Croitorilor
When? 17-18 December -- 11:00 - 18:00

But before Craciun cu Stil, come and enjoy Targutu' Vintage at Casa Matei Corvin this weekend, 3-4 December. It is going to be my first time participating at this fair and and I am more than excited about that ♥

Stay warm!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Waldorf Christmas Bazaar

'T is the "season" of Christmas markets, fairs and bazaars boys and girls, yet again!
Aaaaand the first this year at which you will be able to find Jasmin Blanc Boutique is this Saturday 26th of November.

When? 3 p.m -- 7 p.m

Where? Waldorf High School, Cluj Napoca

There will be loads of fun, a lot of great programs for your children, tiny cafes organized by the students and last but definitely not least artisans, artists and tiny surprises made by the students of the school.

Don't miss out on this event, it is one of those which has a soul, if you know what I mean! ♥

Would love to have you there!
Stay warm,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

cinnamon cookies

I love those cookies where you put everything together in a bowl, mix it and bake it. And everyone loves the taste of it!

My mom bought a really great cook-magazine, with great recipes that use pumpkin in all possible forms. And then I found a non-pumpkin recipe, but great non-the-less, and it is ready - all together that is- in maximum 15 min. I served it with tea 3 days ago, with coffee 2 days ago and with hot chocolate a day ago, oh and also today. I am not kidding.

Since three days now I bake it every day. It is starting to get addictive...

My mixer broke down during the first try (it has served its time, no worries), so I just mix the dough with my hands. It feels like I am 6 again, baking with my granny.
Since I (and everyone around me) got so addicted to it, I thought I'd quickly share it with you, maybe you will also fall in love with it.

Here is all you need:
20 dkg flour
1 tea sp baking powder
1 tea sp almond essence (I only had rum at home so I used that one instead)
1 tea sp cinnamon
6 tb sp oil
6 tb sp honey
a bit of milk

(recipe from Erdelyi Konyha magazine)

Mix it all together and make walnut-sized portions, which you will then place into a pan. Just make sure to wipe it with oil or put a baking paper into the pan before you divide the cookie dough, otherwise it might be difficult to take them out.

And voilĂ !
It could also be a great idea to bake for Christmas and give as presents made in a nice handmade wooden box... I'm just saying....

Stay warm!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jasmin Blanc Boutique feature

A couple of months ago I was contacted, and asked for permission to use one of my photos. Naturally I agreed. But during this time, I had totally forgotten about it...

The other day I received a message letting me know that the online magazine -with the feature and a lovely description about my creation- was published!

The magazine is entitled "What liberty ate" and you can read about food related blogs, you can indulge in delicious food photography, but it also publishes fine art, graphic design and anything food & kitchen related, be that craft projects, table ware and the list goes on.
It is a great read and you can find delicious recipes too, so make sure to check it out. Great bonus, it's in English!

Thank you Liliana for yesterday's sweet surprise!

Stay warm,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

and the winner is...

Remember the Snow Cat giveaway which started 10 days ago?
Well, unfortunately I messed it up a bit by changing my blog's address and haven't been able to notify everyone about it (it would be quite a challenge), yet I hope that most of you changed ----> to! I know that it confused the situation a bit, but I think on the long run it is better this way.
Anyhow...changes here and there...I have not forgot about the giveaway and certainly have not forgot to announce the winner with the help of! So, ta-da-da-da!

Congratulations to Anca Oprin! The kitty is yours :)

I truly love these moments, when I can just give something away for the fun of it... Such a great feeling :) For the others, thanks for participating and rest assured, there will be another giveaway coming up really soon (just in time for Christmas)!

Stay warm!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

new paint

...loads of them, actually.

I find it hard to resist against buying new paint to try out, in different shades and techniques. So I don't. I just buy them and give them a go.

This time fabric paint won me over. Why oh why is it that we have so few craft shops in my city? Luckily I was given a tour in the main ones in Budapest. I was like a 3 year old in a toy shop (not that I would not act the same way in a toy shop).

I have two tiny-sweet drawings ready, but I haven't managed to take pictures, so you will have to give me some time. I, of course, have several projects running at the same time, but falling into bed smiling every night and that's what matters.
Also, I have a new logo for my shop and soon for the blog as well, but as I said, I prefer to spend more time away from the computer than what I spend in front of it, so time will have to be the one to do the changes.

Stay warm!


ps. don't forget about the Snow-cat giveaway!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


About a month and a half ago I had to work on a special request for the baptism of a tiny little boy, and luckily I managed to finish it before I left to Hungary, even, it meant traveling separately a few days later. I really enjoyed fulfilling the request, having the rest of the family alongside in the workshop, working like busy bees, but being together and enjoying the day.

These items were requested for a little baby boy's baptism; a casket for the baby hair, tiny crosses and heart shaped gifts, finished as brooches for little girls and fridge magnets for young men. The theme color was lavender. This was all I needed to be taken away in the land of fine silky laces and the land golden reflections.

The dogs were really happy to have so many people around, especially the “little one”, which is not so little anymore, and they never ceased to do something sweet or make funny sounds just to get someone’s attention. And since they are really sweet it is too hard not to give in.

ps. don't forget about my giveaway; it runs until the 13th Nov.!


Thursday, November 3, 2011


The day has come, my dears.

I truly hope you’ll like it! I decided to organize a giveaway, because I want to surprise someone out there with something really sweet. This is why I am giving away this lovely Snow Cat casket made of white ceramics, glazed, burned, perfect for your precious jewels or for those of you with a love for sweets can even keep some caramel or chocolate bonbons inside. It’s all up to you.

In order to participate, you:

-have to advertise this giveaway somewhere (blog/your website/facebook/twitter)

-have to follow my blog with GFC (google friend connect)

-have to post a comment bellow this entry and paste the link of where you talked about this giveaway (FB, blog etc.), let me know the name with which you are following my blog, and leave me an email address where I can contact you.

This giveaway runs from today, 3rd until the 13th this month. (November) So you have plenty of time to sign up! The winner will be selected with Mr. and will be notified via the given email address.

Please note that shipping can only be done locally, throughout Romania.

Stay tuned!



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sales and newbies

The past two weeks have been fun spending time with G’s family. Although I might not want to hear the “Green dragon” song again in my entire life (don’t ask). So other than coming back with a bit of fever and a mild disgust for certain cartoons (having watched too many with the kids) everything was great. Not to mention my excitement when G took me to all the fun hobby/craft and art stores he knew in Budapest.

And now we’re back in Cluj again. I am resting in bed (blogging, obviously), hoping to get back on track as soon as I can to be able to start the new projects I had in mind and finish off the ones that were interrupted by our trip.

In the meantime I prepared three things for you:

1. A “knit-wear” sale in my shop, ranging from 30% to 50%!

2. New products for your delight ♥

3. And a giveaway, about which you will surely find out more, if you check back tomorrow.

Stay warm!