Sunday, November 13, 2011

and the winner is...

Remember the Snow Cat giveaway which started 10 days ago?
Well, unfortunately I messed it up a bit by changing my blog's address and haven't been able to notify everyone about it (it would be quite a challenge), yet I hope that most of you changed ----> to! I know that it confused the situation a bit, but I think on the long run it is better this way.
Anyhow...changes here and there...I have not forgot about the giveaway and certainly have not forgot to announce the winner with the help of! So, ta-da-da-da!

Congratulations to Anca Oprin! The kitty is yours :)

I truly love these moments, when I can just give something away for the fun of it... Such a great feeling :) For the others, thanks for participating and rest assured, there will be another giveaway coming up really soon (just in time for Christmas)!

Stay warm!

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  1. e minunata, multumesc din suflet!


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