Saturday, November 19, 2011

cinnamon cookies

I love those cookies where you put everything together in a bowl, mix it and bake it. And everyone loves the taste of it!

My mom bought a really great cook-magazine, with great recipes that use pumpkin in all possible forms. And then I found a non-pumpkin recipe, but great non-the-less, and it is ready - all together that is- in maximum 15 min. I served it with tea 3 days ago, with coffee 2 days ago and with hot chocolate a day ago, oh and also today. I am not kidding.

Since three days now I bake it every day. It is starting to get addictive...

My mixer broke down during the first try (it has served its time, no worries), so I just mix the dough with my hands. It feels like I am 6 again, baking with my granny.
Since I (and everyone around me) got so addicted to it, I thought I'd quickly share it with you, maybe you will also fall in love with it.

Here is all you need:
20 dkg flour
1 tea sp baking powder
1 tea sp almond essence (I only had rum at home so I used that one instead)
1 tea sp cinnamon
6 tb sp oil
6 tb sp honey
a bit of milk

(recipe from Erdelyi Konyha magazine)

Mix it all together and make walnut-sized portions, which you will then place into a pan. Just make sure to wipe it with oil or put a baking paper into the pan before you divide the cookie dough, otherwise it might be difficult to take them out.

And voilĂ !
It could also be a great idea to bake for Christmas and give as presents made in a nice handmade wooden box... I'm just saying....

Stay warm!

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