Saturday, November 5, 2011


About a month and a half ago I had to work on a special request for the baptism of a tiny little boy, and luckily I managed to finish it before I left to Hungary, even, it meant traveling separately a few days later. I really enjoyed fulfilling the request, having the rest of the family alongside in the workshop, working like busy bees, but being together and enjoying the day.

These items were requested for a little baby boy's baptism; a casket for the baby hair, tiny crosses and heart shaped gifts, finished as brooches for little girls and fridge magnets for young men. The theme color was lavender. This was all I needed to be taken away in the land of fine silky laces and the land golden reflections.

The dogs were really happy to have so many people around, especially the “little one”, which is not so little anymore, and they never ceased to do something sweet or make funny sounds just to get someone’s attention. And since they are really sweet it is too hard not to give in.

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