Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sales and newbies

The past two weeks have been fun spending time with G’s family. Although I might not want to hear the “Green dragon” song again in my entire life (don’t ask). So other than coming back with a bit of fever and a mild disgust for certain cartoons (having watched too many with the kids) everything was great. Not to mention my excitement when G took me to all the fun hobby/craft and art stores he knew in Budapest.

And now we’re back in Cluj again. I am resting in bed (blogging, obviously), hoping to get back on track as soon as I can to be able to start the new projects I had in mind and finish off the ones that were interrupted by our trip.

In the meantime I prepared three things for you:

1. A “knit-wear” sale in my shop, ranging from 30% to 50%!

2. New products for your delight ♥

3. And a giveaway, about which you will surely find out more, if you check back tomorrow.

Stay warm!



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