Saturday, December 31, 2011

love more!

I woke up a bit grumpy today...even sad...or angry. I don't really know, a mixture of them all. Then there was no bread or milk left for breakfast, I got even more pissed. I shouldn't have, I know, it was stupid. It was obvious I had to go buy at least bread for breakfast, so I left to do that. Still had the angry face on.

When I stepped out of the main building door, a stray kitty greeted me querulously. I melted immediately. All those stones, that have been pressing against my heart all morning, vanished...

And I suddenly realized that sometimes all we need is a little love to brighten our days, years... to light up our whole lives.

And this is what I wish for you to remember in the next year and those to come. Show some love, even just the smallest amount of true love can save someone!

Benevolent and affectionate 2012 for all of you!

With love,

Friday, December 30, 2011


I woke up to see a fluffy layer of snow on the rooftops and tree-branches this morning. Oh how my heart skipped a beat. I'm not even close to being a winter person, but I was ready to embrace it! I always used to say December should be a snowy-chilly month, and then spring can bravely follow...

I awoke early enough to be bewildered by the glowing lights on the Christmas tree, while drinking fresh hot coffee and reading really inspiring recipes from vegetarian cook books, that I got from Santa! Lately I sort of neglected my own personal nutrition, not caring for what vitamins and minerals I get into my body, if any. And therefore I was ill quite often and ended up with some kind of stupid, yet unfortunately quite harmful virus, which can be eliminated with treatment, but I have to get onto that and stop postponing it, even if it freaks me out. So my lovely and quite protective family, who are very concerned about my no-meat-eating-decision, have surprised me with recipes to motivate me to get some of the good stuff into my organism. Cannot tell you how much I enjoy them and have already tried one yesterday to everyone's liking.

My very healthy breakfast. Fresh vegetable salad, homemade & wholewhe
at bread and homemade cheese spread seasoned with dried dill. Not to mention the homemade sour-sweet raspberry juice.

Today I was just so happy I could barely breath...

We went out with Gaspar to do the groceries. Oh it was magical, with the melting snow glowing everywhere. We even took the long way just so we could watch the kids slaying in the park.

Oh what a day! I am so excited without any actual reason that I can barely stand it!

Hope you also had a magical day today!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas time

Ok winter, I'm ready for you! Please come in all your glory and mystery...and magic.

We had a very "black" Christmas this year. Not that it was groovy or sad, but waking up in the morning to that, which very much reminded me of the bright summery sun, was just not helping me to get into the Christmas mood.

But if I'd whine in any way, I would probably have to have something fallen in my head to wake me up. In fact, snow or the lack of it, but Christmas has never been this graceful to me, personally. It has never been that I have not longed for something more before. This time I had nothing more I would have wanted to add to it...

Hope your Christmas was everything you've ever dreamed of!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Blessed Christmas

Today someone asked me what I got for Christmas. I said: happiness! This is what I wish for everyone of you!

Friday, December 16, 2011

first day at the Julius Mall Market

A little update on yesterday's events.

This morning I woke up a little worn out, but the sun was smiling down at me so I decided not to let this affect me, and start a new page regardless of what has happened.

So at some point today, the Mrs. comes to us and tells that the "danger" is over, and we can display some, I repeat some, jewels as well. Now, I wish not to comment one this...

So leaving my hurt feelings aside, I had set up my earring display and put some rings and broaches in a couple of bowls, not as I would have done if I had been let to do my work properly so everything could be seen, but I smiled, nevertheless. I just do
n't understand, still how one day someone labels both me and my father liars and the second day comes and grins telling the (half)opposite of what she had said earlier. But here is when I will just leave it, and stop wanting to have the answer for that question.

So on that note, you will not see me, but here is our stand, and my father standing next to it. Whatever you don't recognize as mine, is his work... Great opportunity for you to see what he is doing.

Stay true! And positive...

Ps. Thank you for all your support, where ever it might come from! ♥

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Just upon my arrival at home I write these lines.

It is not even that I am outraged and furious anymore, but it makes me sad and sick to my stomach what people wouldn't do for money...

I was to participate at a market in the entrance hall of Julius Mall together with my father. For a month and a half now, there was nothing for me, but work work and some more work, that I enjoyed of course, yet there was a purpose, to sell at the Christmas Market.

It was very clear what kind of creations I have, both usable ceramics and jewelry, I mean, I have been doing this for about two years now... I tend to know for certain what exactly are the domains I cover. In the very first phone call, when I was just inquiring information about the market, I was asked what my things are, I naturally told ceramics and jewelry. So that now, after a month since this phone-call, Mrs. Sanmarghitan calls me a liar, telling me that if I put another pair of earrings on my stand, I can be sure to be kicked out tomorrow. 55 euros/square meter, I'll say! For this it was worth saying "sure, there are still places, love, come and we will settle everything this afternoon." And when I arrive she comes with this kind of crap, because supposedly it is not allowed with jewels at this market. I can totally accept that, but if I were told this at the first talk, obviously -AS A JEWELER- I would have looked for another market in town, there is really plenty to choose from.

And whenever I realize that tears are rushing down in streams on my cheeks I wonder, why is it that people are greedy to this extent, lowering themselves to this level? It is so so pathetic and sad!

And now I will be there a whole week, without my earrings, necklaces or broaches. Continuing to smile as people come around and trying to share the decorations and few tableware that I have! Luckily my dad has lots of decorations.... Come around and say hi, if you pass by. Let's show the world that there is also a different one, with a warmer heart!

Stay real!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craciun cu Stil

Coming up in the weekend...My favorite market, in the coziest place!

When? 17-18th December; 11am - 6pm
Where? Turnul Croitorilor

All handmade!
It will be "christmasy" I can promise you that.


...still alive

Sorry for the huge blackout guys... I haven't been feeling well in the past week, in fact I was sick and weak like never before in my life. But I wouldn't like to whine about it, I prefer to be thankful and super happy that I am getting better now. Yet maybe I am overdoing it already, but I need to because I have two Markets to participate at it a couple of days and I am really not ready yet. And starting to be a little nervous. And while being nervous I made some serious updating in my online store. So take a look!

We watched "A Christmas Carol" this afternoon (the animated version) and I have butterflies in my stomach. Oh how I love this time of year...

Stay warm and out of virus' sight, so you won't end up like me!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I made quite a number of Christmassy decorations this year...for markets and fairs, and of course my store. I am really into it somehow...every day I jump around listening to Christmas songs and clinging my little bells! Some people ask "already?", and yes, I am also against of browsing through the shiny confetti in supermarkets already in November, being driven by nothing else but early discounts and the urge of shopping for something...anything! But this is different, this comes from withing regardless of the tens and thousands of hideously painted Santa's brought in from the far East staring at the curious customers from the shelves.

Today's share:

Stay warm!