Friday, December 16, 2011

first day at the Julius Mall Market

A little update on yesterday's events.

This morning I woke up a little worn out, but the sun was smiling down at me so I decided not to let this affect me, and start a new page regardless of what has happened.

So at some point today, the Mrs. comes to us and tells that the "danger" is over, and we can display some, I repeat some, jewels as well. Now, I wish not to comment one this...

So leaving my hurt feelings aside, I had set up my earring display and put some rings and broaches in a couple of bowls, not as I would have done if I had been let to do my work properly so everything could be seen, but I smiled, nevertheless. I just do
n't understand, still how one day someone labels both me and my father liars and the second day comes and grins telling the (half)opposite of what she had said earlier. But here is when I will just leave it, and stop wanting to have the answer for that question.

So on that note, you will not see me, but here is our stand, and my father standing next to it. Whatever you don't recognize as mine, is his work... Great opportunity for you to see what he is doing.

Stay true! And positive...

Ps. Thank you for all your support, where ever it might come from! ♥

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