Saturday, December 31, 2011

love more!

I woke up a bit grumpy today...even sad...or angry. I don't really know, a mixture of them all. Then there was no bread or milk left for breakfast, I got even more pissed. I shouldn't have, I know, it was stupid. It was obvious I had to go buy at least bread for breakfast, so I left to do that. Still had the angry face on.

When I stepped out of the main building door, a stray kitty greeted me querulously. I melted immediately. All those stones, that have been pressing against my heart all morning, vanished...

And I suddenly realized that sometimes all we need is a little love to brighten our days, years... to light up our whole lives.

And this is what I wish for you to remember in the next year and those to come. Show some love, even just the smallest amount of true love can save someone!

Benevolent and affectionate 2012 for all of you!

With love,

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