Friday, December 30, 2011


I woke up to see a fluffy layer of snow on the rooftops and tree-branches this morning. Oh how my heart skipped a beat. I'm not even close to being a winter person, but I was ready to embrace it! I always used to say December should be a snowy-chilly month, and then spring can bravely follow...

I awoke early enough to be bewildered by the glowing lights on the Christmas tree, while drinking fresh hot coffee and reading really inspiring recipes from vegetarian cook books, that I got from Santa! Lately I sort of neglected my own personal nutrition, not caring for what vitamins and minerals I get into my body, if any. And therefore I was ill quite often and ended up with some kind of stupid, yet unfortunately quite harmful virus, which can be eliminated with treatment, but I have to get onto that and stop postponing it, even if it freaks me out. So my lovely and quite protective family, who are very concerned about my no-meat-eating-decision, have surprised me with recipes to motivate me to get some of the good stuff into my organism. Cannot tell you how much I enjoy them and have already tried one yesterday to everyone's liking.

My very healthy breakfast. Fresh vegetable salad, homemade & wholewhe
at bread and homemade cheese spread seasoned with dried dill. Not to mention the homemade sour-sweet raspberry juice.

Today I was just so happy I could barely breath...

We went out with Gaspar to do the groceries. Oh it was magical, with the melting snow glowing everywhere. We even took the long way just so we could watch the kids slaying in the park.

Oh what a day! I am so excited without any actual reason that I can barely stand it!

Hope you also had a magical day today!

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