Thursday, December 15, 2011


Just upon my arrival at home I write these lines.

It is not even that I am outraged and furious anymore, but it makes me sad and sick to my stomach what people wouldn't do for money...

I was to participate at a market in the entrance hall of Julius Mall together with my father. For a month and a half now, there was nothing for me, but work work and some more work, that I enjoyed of course, yet there was a purpose, to sell at the Christmas Market.

It was very clear what kind of creations I have, both usable ceramics and jewelry, I mean, I have been doing this for about two years now... I tend to know for certain what exactly are the domains I cover. In the very first phone call, when I was just inquiring information about the market, I was asked what my things are, I naturally told ceramics and jewelry. So that now, after a month since this phone-call, Mrs. Sanmarghitan calls me a liar, telling me that if I put another pair of earrings on my stand, I can be sure to be kicked out tomorrow. 55 euros/square meter, I'll say! For this it was worth saying "sure, there are still places, love, come and we will settle everything this afternoon." And when I arrive she comes with this kind of crap, because supposedly it is not allowed with jewels at this market. I can totally accept that, but if I were told this at the first talk, obviously -AS A JEWELER- I would have looked for another market in town, there is really plenty to choose from.

And whenever I realize that tears are rushing down in streams on my cheeks I wonder, why is it that people are greedy to this extent, lowering themselves to this level? It is so so pathetic and sad!

And now I will be there a whole week, without my earrings, necklaces or broaches. Continuing to smile as people come around and trying to share the decorations and few tableware that I have! Luckily my dad has lots of decorations.... Come around and say hi, if you pass by. Let's show the world that there is also a different one, with a warmer heart!

Stay real!

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  1. Oh dear, I am so sory for what happend but this is ower world that we live in, full of idiotic people like that stupid lady! they only live to see other people sad...i don't understand how can they live like tha but they are...sad sad sad!


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