Sunday, January 1, 2012


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I started the year with a big mug of fresh coffee...

And had it alone, because I was the only one able to wake up as early as 9:15 a.m. But I am really grateful for these little times of solitude; they help me reflect and all great thoughts come in these moments...

I am not writing to tell about my night, I'm not a great fan of this whole New Year's hoopla, I just thought I'd greet everyone on this magical day. Anyone who spent the day in Cluj, outdoors, can really feel bewitched right now by the generous sunshine that kept us company throughout the entire day.

I am not a "resolution-making" person, but I will tell you this: I feel something strange, in a good way. Like this will be an exceptionally great year. Not an easy one. But one filled with lots of love and this will get us through it all...

Have a joyful start to the year!
I hope you'll stay around and if you decide to do so, prepare yourself for lots of new collections, projects, tutorials, challenges, giveaways, sales and loads of fun alongside Jasmin Blanc Boutique...and naturally: me!


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