Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ditch the Wardrobe: Item -1-

First of all I'd like to make a specification about this project. I received A LOT of feedback backing me up in it, telling me, how it is great to donate clothes and to clean out my wardrobe of clothes I haven't been using in a long time. Well, while you are absolutely right, my projects is NOT about this. Yes I have given away the clothes to people who most likely need them more than I do. Yet, I am not here to brag about the deeds that fondle my conscience. I decided to do this projects because I no longer wish to be a part of those that buy buy and yet again buy, because they have the feeling they would die if they wouldn't have this or that. Or to buy expensive things just because they have a label, or to buy expensive clothes that bring profit to a few, while those who really put an effort into making them are starving.

So, to set the record straight, I cleared out my wardrobe. I still have my shoes left, and working clothes to wear at the workshop. Plus two outfits to wear. This has to be drastic, if you start by throwing out one or two things, or an old pile of clothes that you haven't been wearing anyway, then you will not feel pressured to create, because you'll mark everything else more important on your priority list.

So this is what I did. I gave it all away, and I am determined to recreate my wardrobe by handcrafting everything. And because I like to start off small and then work my way up, here is a crochet cowl I made the other week. < And today I started one for Gaspar as well :)) >

Well, I hope I have now made myself more clear about this project! And I hope, maybe, in some way you will be inspired to follow...



  1. De ceva timp mi-am propus si eu sa nu mai cumpar nimic nou, doar second hand pe care sa le modific ( am si reusit cateva, am si detalii pe blog :)) sau handmade, sau sa le fac eu de la 0 :)

    Mi-ar place sa sustin proiectul tau, sa il transmitem la cati mai multi! :)
    O sa mai scriu despre asta curand!
    Hugs! :*

  2. Minunat :) Ma bucur sa te am alaturi ;)
    Mi-ar place foarte mult daca mi-ai scrie despre progresul tau, poate mai reusim sa "implantam" ideea si la alte fete :) Sau baieti, ce mai... :))

    Te pup!

    1. Cand o sa am ceva noutati pe frontul asta o sa postez :)
      Pfai, e greu cu fetele, daramite cu baietii ;) :)))


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