Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ditch the Wardrobe

My dears,
I promised you (and to myself) lots of new projects this year, didn't I? Well here's one that would be a serious challenge to any lady madly obsessed about her ever enlarging wardrobe... Ditch it!
And what I really mean by this is: get rid of it! All of it. Who you give it to is entirely up to you, but I dare you! Would any of you be up for it?

You know, so many times I've thought about this insane obsession about buying more and more clothes, and never have anything to wear. Are you familiar with that? You have an entire room full of clothes and shoes hidden in wardrobes, drawers, shelves and when you stand in front of the open doors staring at the clothes you feel puzzled and growling you raise the eternal question "I don't know what to wear? What should I wear?"

And we keep buying... buying things that might even have a fake name (to an original) sewn to the side, but have no soul, no story, no value...

So the verdict has been said. And I have to tell you it gave me a couple of hours of insomnia a few nights in a row, whether I was seriously up for it or not. The other day I pulled out everything from my closet. Carefully selected the things that can be altered, made into something else and have put the rest into sacks for goodwill. There you have it.

So let me ask you this, girls. If you had to keep 10 items (only!), what would they be? (underwear doesn't count) Then of course you don't have to stay with solely those; the goal after all is to create what you wear. And buy only things with a soul or a story, which -decoded- means handcrafted or vintage. These are the rules. Nothing more, nothing less.

Are you ready to make a difference? So many people talk. I'd like to be part of the small group that does!

Never doubt to contact me, through the comment form bellow, or by email. And if you decide to take my challenge I'd be more than happy to know about it!

Looking forward for the evolution of this project! Stay tuned for more...

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  1. Oh dear, eu in 2 ianuarie am facut-o deja :)) 8 saci imensi am donat, cu ocazia renovarii :) Dar in fiecare sezon scap de o gramada de haine si lucrusoare pe care nu le folosesc max. 6 luni...


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